MANSORY Ferrari F12 Revoluzione and Stallone Packs Offer Timely Hypercar Refresh

The moment a hotter variant of your supercar arrives on sale, a bit of the excitement in the car dims.

No matter how stunning and life-changing the ride, once its facelift is on the scene, you might be second best.

And so it goes with the new Ferrari F12TdF wearing new panels throughout.

There is an upside: it is an opportune time to go wild with aftermarket upgrades.

MANSORY does it better than almost anyone, and their F12 packages are suitably unique and gorgeous.

Three levels of kit are packaged and branded together, but all the upgrades are available individually, customized, and made in any carbon fiber pattern you choose.

F12 starts with wheels, cabin, spoilers, stance and powerkit.

Stallone is the one we love best: a nearly all-new nose and tail with wild, exaggerated airfoils unlike any Ferrari anyone will have ever seen before. Or since.

La Revoluzione is the top model, with a full carbon-fiber reskin and redesign. A bit much to our eyes, even though that fixed rear wing is hottt.

Check out the goods below.

MANSORY Ferrari F12

MANSORY Ferrari F12 Stallone


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