2017 Bentley BENTAYGA Colors and Options Configurator + Sexy Black Brightware Specification

2017 Bentley Bentayga Colors animation gifThe Bentayga just launched last night, so its full configurator going live at the same time is a big deal! All is there… minus one detail at the end: the price.

Even so, among the hundreds of custom options lie some very tempting choices to really make it roar in your style.

We’ve spent wayyy too long in there today so will pop out and show you a smattering of the fabulousness via 50 or so color samples, a wheels guide/visualizer, and even a look at the accessories and options.

But first: a nugget of smile-inducing info about the Bentayga?

Two really on-trend factory options: the Black Brightware Specification and the Bentayga Styling Specification. These two are gorgeous. The first, Black Brightware, is a de-chrome for the exterior of the car in total. And there is a lot of brightwork on Bentayga. The dark and sinister dip also smokes the full LED headlamp optics to give them a meaner stare.

 2017 Bentley Bentayga BENTLEY SUGGESTS COLORS 32132

A visually striking option pack, the black finish applied to the exterior brightware makes a dramatic and bold statement.Specification includes:
– Inner and outer headlamp bezels
– Radiator shell surround and matrix
– Lower front door, rear door and rear bumper brightware
– Side glass brightware
– Rear lamps
– Rear number plate surround bezel
– Wing vent

2017 Bentley Bentayga 11



  • A suite of carbon fibre styling modifications, featuring jewellery-inspired design cues. Not only do these features enhance the look of the Bentayga, but they also improve its aerodynamic performance.Specification includes:
    – Front splitter
    – Front splitter infill
    – Front air blades
    – Front wing vent covers
    – Side sills
    – Rear diffuser
    – Rear tailgate spoiler
    – Rear tailgate strakes
    – Mirror caps
    – Quad exhaust tailpipe finishers

The Bentayga Styling Spec might be even more desirable, but will likely be priced much higher than Black Brightware. A variety of carbon-fiber goodies outside look autobahn-ready. Check out the flics in the lower grille, the nose splitter, and especially the carbon-fiber rear wing! Oh, and dont forget quad exhaust pipes.

Very cool.

Those two treats are just dessert, however. The main course is 200 colors outside, six wheel styles, limitless cabin customization and must-have options.2017 Bentley Bentayga BENTLEY SUGGESTS COLORS


We only screencapped a handful of the colors Bentley offers in the standard Bentayga lookbook — but still it is dozens and dozens of slightly tweaked shades. Satin and matte finishes galore, and some really shouty new colors we love. Monaco Yellow looks stellar, as does Apple Green, Kingfisher blue and many others.

“Bentley Suggests” is a set of 11 pre-configured models you can order just as they are customized by Bentley, or can use them as a base for your ideas.

BENTAYGA Bentley Suggests Configurations


Bentley will match any color or customize a shade for you — in addition to the roughly 1/3 of available colors shown below.

 2017 Bentley Bentayga Colors animation gif


Hard to get a close look at the wheels, but multiple styles and finishes are available. We like either of the five-spokes, and landed on the biggest 22-inch size in a polished finish.2017 Bentley BENTAYGA Wheels


Inside, the main noteworthy thing is how lovely the car looks!  The new compact-centered steering wheel is classy and sporty, while the wood and decor does not overwhelm. Interesting upgrades are the full-length panoramic roof option (yes) and a four-seat cabin with twin thrones/console in back.

A dual tablet rear entertainment system looks handy, but might not last in kids hands. Removable screens are a double-edged sword that way.


Every option is pretty desirable, and we checked most of the boxes. Notable choices outside include tinted windows, roof rack delete, and nose finishes. The standard grilles in the lower bumper are black, but can be upgraded to match the main polished matrix design up top.

bentayga bright grilles

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