SHOCK! 2017 Ford GT Will Race LeMans 2016 – HD Track Test Video + 75 Photos


Alternative headline grabbers?



New Vmax Bomber!

Shock & Awesome!

Stormin’ Normandy!

Ford Libs LeMans for 6th Time in 2016?

Now on to this heartwarming news: the 2017 Ford GT supercar will race in Le Mans next year, the 50th anniversary of the Ford GT’s first win in 1966. Since 1944, we add 1967, 68 and 69 to reach five overall American trips to Le Mans, France.

Le Sarthe for Ford means nothing less than agony, ecstasy and a lasting legacy.2017 Ford GT Blue New 6

The 2016 24-hour race one year from tomorrow will mark a high water mark in Ford Performance’s return to excellence, and a core spot in the Ford brand identity overall.

There is one catch right off the bat, though, to this retro-future lovefest: the Ford GT will not be in the LMP1 class, but rather the GTE group. This is a modified variant on global GT3 regs, meaning the Ford will not wrestle with the Porsche 919 or Nissan LM Nismo.

Older rivalries will rule the day: the GTE class is lousy with Ferrari’s. =]

Now the only question? What to call the racecar!  Ford GTE or Ford GTLM!?


GT4E? =]

Watch this space for more info and updates — but definitely check out the 135 photos of the

2016 Ford GT Le Mans


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