MANSORY Customs for McLaren 12C Up the Bling Quotient of First-Gen Supercar Dramatically

MANSORY Customs for McLaren 12C gifBling? Does anyone say that anymore?  Probably not - but the sentiment definitely holds for anything that comes out of the Mansory dream factory.

Three years since the release of the MP4-12C -- pre-name-change, and before McLaren Special Operations started doing factory customs -- there are a large amount of second-hand supercars on the market. All they truly need to have the presence and curb appeal of the latest 650S is a little pizzazz outside and in!

For cities like Miami, Monte Carlo or Macau - a factory supercar is a dime a dozen. Being unique is all about expressing your favorite colors and materials that year. A reflective fire orange over gold, or a glowing green and crocodile-skin accents inside? Sure!

The workmanship of the Mansory upgrade programs is beyond critique, and the global Mansory dealer network even has two showrooms in Southern California.

But out favorite part of this high-fashion example of the Mansory upgrades catalog for McLaren? That comes with the huge fender flares that make the regular car look wimpy by comparison.


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Spectacular super-sports car

MANSORY customises the McLaren MP4-12C to create a work of art

In particular the body package makes it clear that MANSORY wanted to differentiate itself significantly from the series vehicle. Besides design elements such as the ultralight bonnet with exposed carbon-fibre sections or the proprietary daytime driving lights, a number of targeted measures deliver a boost in aerodynamics. 

Be it the roof, the front or rear apron, the mirror housing, or the wings, which widen the vehicle by 60 millimetres, all components are made of carbon fibre and hardened in the autoclave under high pressure and temperature. This high-tech process brings some impressive benefits: Both the acceleration values and the braking distance and fuel consumption are improved by the reduction of the vehicle’s weight. Furthermore, the newly designed side sill set steadies the airflow between the two axles. A wing profile, in combination with the diffuser, delivers greater contact pressure on the rear axle. 


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MANSORY High Performance

for your McLaren MP4-12C

MANSORY offers the centrepiece of its customisation programme with a powerful engine power. The upgrade includes a high-performance exhaust system, a new engine-management system and a sports air filter with increased air throughflow. The combination of these components results in a power of ca. 670 PS / 493 kW at 7,100 rpm (series: 608 PS / 447 kW at 7,000 rpm). At the same time, the maximum torque climbs to an imposing 675 Nm, which is available in the range 3,000 to 6,500 rpm (series: 600 Nm at 3,000 – 6,500). After modification, the top speed is 353 km/h.MANSORY Customs for McLaren 12C gif

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