Cadillac Adds Light Changes To All Of Its Models For 2022, Smart System Comes To All Models

While Cadillac is focused on preparing for the future with all-electric models like the Lyriq EV (which we had the chance to see up close recently) the luxury brand hasn’t forgotten about its ICE powered production vehicle lineup and has revealed a lighting dusting of changes that will hit all of their models for the 2022 model year.


Entire Cadillac Lineup Gets More Safety Gear With New Smart System

Before we dive deep into some of the individual changes for each model, we might as well focus on the one addition that unifies them together the addition of the all-new Smart System. The name might not be the most dynamic moniker in the world, but buyers will appreciate the way it brings nine different driver’s assistance technologies together into one big umbrella. This trend of adding more for consumers has picked up some steam in recent years, and Cadillac’s version of this follows the same established tire tracks.

The nine features in question include Teen Driver, Rear Park Assist, Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Alert, Rear Park Assist, Rear Safety Alert Seat, Rear Backup Camera, and Rear Parking Assist. This suite of features allows the lineup to mirror their German competition more effectively and we always welcome more safety into our daily commute.


Individuality Marks Rest Of The Changes

After that, the rest of the changes depend on which vehicle you choose to purchase. For the CT4 and the CT5 sedans, Cadillac is making Super Cruise 1 and 2 optional on their respective Premium and Sport packages. This move is a nod towards Cadillac’s recent plans to trickle the system down to other models further down in the product family. Super Cruise will also be coming to the XT6 but look for that model’s older underpinnings to cause some of the more advanced features to be missing including the nifty Automated Lane Change functionality that we tried out at GMC.

As for the rest of the CT4 and CT5’s changes, they will largely be limited to a traditional yet controversial GM trope, the paint colors. In the case of the CT4, Velocity Red, Emerald Green Metallic, and Dark Blue Moon Metallic all get pitched into the waste bin with Blaze Orange, Electric Blue, and Dark Emerald Frost with each hue being restricted to certain trims. The CT5 also gets Blaze Orange, but loses the same three colors as the CT4 (Shadow Metallic, Garnet Metallic, and Autumn Metallic.)

As mentioned, shuffling paint colors is a GM mainstay and the XT4 SUV carries on with buisness as usual in that regard with Garnet Metallic, Shadow Metallic, and Autumn Metallic all being cut. In their place is Galactic Grey Metallic, Latte Metallic (obvious Starbucks vibes here) and Roswewood Metallic. The ominious theme for Shadow Metallic and Garnet Metallic continues in the XT5/XT6 lineup with both colors being axed here too for Latte Metallic and Rosewood Metallic. 


When Will We See The 2022 Cadillac Lineup?

With the realtively small changes that are taking place acorss the lineup, the wait for the 2022 models could be a short one with some of the first ones arriving on dealer lots as early as later this year. The CT4 and CT5 Blackwing (the first 2022 models in the mix) are just begining to arrive in dealer showrooms now and will be the last swan song of ICE powered performance models before the mantle is taken over by EV offerings like the Lyriq.