Exclusive Scion xB and xD Roof-Chop Renderings –> Gangster Look

Here is the fruit of a few hours in PhotoChop.

Scion Chopped Roof xB and xD GIF999999999

Would such small windows ever offer enough outward vision? Perhaps – with camera assistance and active safety systems.

CarRevsDaily.com – Exclusive – Chopped Roof

2014-Scion-xB-Red-2 ROOF CHOP2014-Scion-xB-Red- Chopped Roof front 2014-Scion-xB-Red- Chopped Roof back

CarRevsDaily.com – Exclusive – Chopped Roof

2014-Scion-xD-Blue-Black-Two-Tone-3 ROOF CHOP

BONUS: this one did not turn out very well, but shows a speculative preview of Kia’s upcoming 2+2 sports car via a chopped and re-imagined Forte Koup.

The concept is set to debut at Detroit in January, and promises genuine driver thrills.

KIA Sports Car Concept RenderingScion Chopped Roof xB and xD GIF999999999

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