2019 BMW X2 M35i – Road Test Review – By Ben Lewis

Every time there’s a new small BMW, we hear the talk about the “Spiritual Successor to the BMW 2002.” This was BMW’s small 2-door that around 1970 took the quite pleasant 1600 2-door and stuffed a larger 2.0-liter 4-cylinder motor in it – classic hot-rodding, actually – and basically turned the automotive world on its ear. With the 2002, you had a totally practical, roomy and innocuous little sedan that outperformed the traditional sports cars of the day, and when the later fuel-injected 2002tii appeared, it was hunting down bigger game – including expensive European cars and powerful domestics, too. …

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2016 BMW X2 Concept – Live Paris Photos/Analysis of Intriguing New Design Language

Interesting new look for the 2016 BMW X2 Concept today in Paris!  The X2 is smoother and softer than the traditional X3/X5 design feel, but is still quite macho and aggressive.  We love the nose detailing, long and low roofline like a fastback, and the pert rump. This concept X2 hopes to broaden the crossover appeal of cars in the VW Golf size class, with minimal tradeoffs when scaling skyward.  As such, it appears about half-way between the normal BMW aesthetic and the latest X-model appearance. This becomes clear with the ultra smooth bodysides and minimal fender flaring, in contrast to …

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