Mecum 2015 Florida Faves - 1962 Willys JEEP Utility Wagon 9 - Copy

Mecum 2015 Florida Faves – 1962 Willys JEEP Utility Wagon

  Despite being painted like the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine, this Willys Utility Wagon is actually really cool and special. This machine, of course, was a Willys and not a Jeep by name. But in spirit, it shows what Jeep could be as a commercial and civilian machine in a post-war world. In terms of charm, the wood paneling outside is real, and also lines the roof of the cargo bay. Very cool.   1962 Willys JEEP Utility Wagon       1962 Willys Utility Wagon Lot L215// Mecum Auctions Kissimmee 2015 // Jan 16-25 High Bid: $21,000 1962 Willys Utility …

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ford interceptor utility gof

Track Test Drive – 2015 Ford Interceptor Utility at Atlanta Motor Speedway

 2015 Ford Interceptor Utility Review The irony of driving a 2015 Ford Interceptor Utility hard on an autocross track near Atlanta? Someone we know… recently paid a ridiculously high-priced speeding ticket to the City of Atlanta. But was it an Explorer police truck that pulled that person over? Nope. A motorcycle cop. Which is rare in 2014. Ford notes that more than 60-percent of new police vehicles solid this year were Interceptor Utilities. The Explorer Police upfit is simply the most popular cop car around — and this includes the Dodge Charger and even the Charger V8 AWD. The Interceptor …

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ATS COupe gif

First Drive Review – 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe 3.6 AWD Drives Well, But Lacks Sex Appeal at $55,000 Price

            The new ATS Coupe from Cadillac would appear to have all the right stuff – on paper. But as we griped in an Op-Ed article this summer, the results in the real world are less than thrilling. How can a new executive coupe be so terminally dull? Ultimately, we struggle greatly about what benefits the Coupe has over the better-looking sedan. As noted in the video above, the ATS Coupe is theoretically stiffer in the chassis department — and perhaps a bit sportier in its handling tune. 2014 Cadillac ATS Sedan But it …

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