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Update3 – INFINITI Q60 Concept – 30 Photos

Updated 1.6.2015 Second update today with 22 more photos. These appear to be some kind of leak. A few more photos of the upcoming Q60 Concept have appeared online, but not officially from Infiniti yet. Usually, with a massive leak like this, a car will then debut online shortly afterward. It hurts a brand to have people deciding on its style merits based on extremely low-quality digital renderings like these. So, is this concept the real-deal 2016 Q60 arriving in late summer 2015? Yes. Excluding a few tiny details like the glass roof and the inner bumper details, this is …

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q60 concept

Update1 – INFINITI Q60 Concept Previews Striking New 2016 Sports Coupe

  Updated 1.5.2015 with second teaser image. When it rains, it pours! Infiniti just teased a gorgeous new Gran Turismo prototype and now is showing some ankle on its new Q60 Coupe. This concept is headed for Detroit and is said to be nearly 98-percent of what the real-life Q60 Coupe will be when introduced in August as a 2016 model. The most action is of course around the doors and glasshouse, where the Q60 has a far more expressive and aggressive roofline and C-pillar treatment versus its sibling, the Q50 sedan. The lower front wheel-arch also shows a dramatic …

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