Hottest LA Debuts - 2016 Alfa Romeo GIULIA Quadrifoglio 3

2016 Alfa Romeo GIULIA – LA Debut + Realistic Analysis: Model May Fail at US Relaunch Mission

The new Alfa Romeo Giulia debuted in North America this week — wowing LA showgoers with its extreme, high-performance exterior and interior. Still a bit light on actual details in terms of USA arrivals, or whether sales will be handled via Maserati showrooms, as on the exotic 8C Competizione from a few years ago. Below we discuss the new model’s stout performance in the original Euro debut article. But even all these months later, the GIULIA still faces an uphill climb in the US market. Reasons for this: — huge expectations for base Giulia models based on this ultra-high-performance Quadrifoglio …

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2017 Alfa Romeo GIULIA Quadrifoglio 1

Best of Frankfurt – 2017 Alfa Romeo GIULIA Quadrifoglio

It is rare that press release hyperbole is actually a good barometer of a car’s merit. But when Alfa says the star of the Frankfurt show will be the new GIULIA, they spoke the truth. This ultra-high-performance sedan is the halo launch model for Alfa’s new BMW-fighter. With size between the M3 and M5, the Giulia Quadrifolio packs 510 horsepower and a sprint to 60-mph of just 3.8-seconds. With that ultra exclusive variant leading the range, the prices are almost as high as the performance benchmarks. Available to reserve now, the order books in Europe open in late December with …

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Update1 – 3.9s, 510HP 2016 Alfa Romeo GIULIA Quadrifoglio Sounds Sublime On Track!

Update1 – Rendered Color TestWOW! First look at the new Alfa Giulia today leaves us floored! On-Stage Debut Romeo & Juliet appear to be in fine form these days — running sideways around 90-mph corners at the fantasy Verona racetrack! The numbers and initial details for this production-spec GIULIA (proniunced ‘Julia’) Qaudrifoglio are mouth-watering. 510 horsepower via a twin-turbocharged V6. Rear or AWD. Torque vectoring and active aero. Style to make you weak in the knees from up front. Fresh LED designs and a wide V have a sporty feel that vaguely recalls the Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Concept, but …

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