Musclecar Origin Story – 1960 Pontiac Bonneville Sport Coupe

There is some debate as to what was the first American Musclecar. The Mustang certainly takes most of the glory in launching this new segment, but a few important machines paved that road first with big, affordable power. The Bonneville launched in 1958 but really became unique and special in 1959 and 1960 – with a wide-track design that stood apart from similar cars from the GM R&D trenches. And though it looks huge today, this 1960 is actually a drastic lightweight-ing of the previous models, like this 1958 example below. In fact, the Bonneville became the blue-collar hero of …

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1953 Alfa Romeo 6C 3000CM Shows Origin of 2015 4C Nose Design 25

1953 Alfa Romeo 6C 3000CM Shows Origin of 2015 4C Nose Design

Alfa Romeo has such a deep catalog of sportscars, it is natural to wonder if the 4C’s nose design pulls in some heritage cues. We suspected it did, but could not pin down exactly which car inspired the Alfa shield in oversized, vertical form — combined with twin intake jellybeans on either side. What shape are those extra grilles!? Pointed toward the edges of the nose, but rounded around the grille section. It is a fantastic look on the 4C. In person, this new Alfa is absolutely brilliant. Gorgeous. Versus the chrome treatment on these 3000CM grilles, the 4C employs …

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