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Insider: Top Mistakes to Avoid When Modifying Your Vehicle

Customizing a vehicle is something that many people have been doing for years, from the good old days of men tinkering away in their garages to update new tires and exhausts to the modern modifications carried out by specialist repair shops passionate about the model and wanting to see it living its best life.   Your wheels, after all, are a hefty investment, and you want to enjoy every second spent driving around. If making aftermarket modifications is necessary to make your car purr like a kitten and give you a smoother, more enjoyable ride, then why not?   But …

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SC Classic Cars - Photo Tour of 50 RARE ICONS 143

Insider: The Right (and Wrong) Ways to Upgrade Your Classic Car

Why do we buy classic cars?   You’ve all got a handful of reasons that made you buy yours, but it largely boils down to the fact that classic cars have a unique look and feel to them that modern ones can’t replicate. The car is different – it’s one of a kind.    With that being said, driving a classic car is a completely different experience from driving a modern one. Your vehicle could be decades old, meaning it doesn’t function as well as it once did. As such, classic car owners tend to do some upgrades to make …

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2.5s, 830HP 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabrio By Wimmer RST

How do you go from about 550 horsepower to well past 800?  Carefully! Wimmer RennSportTechnik has spent months developing their latest engine magic for the latest 911 Turbo S.  A wholesale revamp of the engine electronics, breathing and even mechanicals was required to have such Bugatti-like boost flowing through the H6TT motor. The results are quite shocking: the sprint pace is shockingly rapid.  Even more than the factory car, which is no slouch.  The overall vMax is stunning too: this machine can do a confirmed 226-mph!   2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabrio By Wimmer RST ONE OF A KIND …

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