TopCar Stinger 911 Turbo GTR 3

TopCar Stinger 911 Turbo GTR Is Sexy and Mean In Onyx Black

Updated 6.16.15 With Latest Stinger GTR PART TWO – THE STINGER GTR If you like the Stinger kit from TopCar for the 911 Carrera, brace yourself for the Stinger GTR pack for the Turbo and Turbo S. The GTR package focuses on true performance enhancement via its bodykit elements, with the aero pieces helping plant the 911 Turbo at 200-mph as well as turn heads at 20-mph. Versus the stock 911 Turbo on the left, you can see in the image below how vastly altered the Stinger GTR is. This widebody is so huge and intense that only the bottom …

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2016 Mazda MX-5 Roadster 45 - Copy

2016 Mazda MX-5 Roadster Sexy, Cool and Mean in 52 New Photos

With the all-new 2016 MX-5, we can imagine Mazda had a few design goals in mind. It would definitely need to look: — completely fresh and unable to be mistaken for existing cars — cool and masculine, with a mean streak that shows its performance edge — modern and stylish; a sexy flair to fire up roadster passion We were not completely sure about the design when first shown, but are firm believers now. How cool and sexy and mean is this little roadster in its latest dynamic photos from Spain? Very. Most of these cars on Euro plates are …

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