2025 BMW 5 Series Touring Is Part Hauler, Part Sleeper Car, Gets New i5 EV Variant

The BMW 5-Series is still soldiering on in its quest to woo over luxury car buyers. But while the sedan has had an established presence here in the U.S. the Touring variant (aka station wagon) has been a Europe-only exclusive for the past few years. For now, it will continue to be a Europe-only treat but the 2025 BMW 5-Series Touring might just preview a trim or two that might make the trip across the pond to our shores.   Hauling The Goods In 5-Series Luxury and Touring Style There was a time when the 5-Series Touring was a relatively …

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2017 BMW i6 Is Hiding in Plain Sight: 2009 BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Teased LWB i8

Here is an interesting one, simply because it shows an upcoming machine hiding in plain sight. What car is that? The BMW i6, we predict. This exceptionally advanced concept seemed extremely unfeasible when it was revealed under the EfficientDynamics moniker in 2009. Look at those skinny tires! And Clear doors with a carbon-fiber chassis?  Silly! But they the BMW i8 concepts started appearing, with a 2+2 PHEV supercar BMW announced for production just a year after this first concept.  That car would materialize for 2014 as the i8 and i3 we know now as the real thing. Where the eventual …

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