Hyundai Reveals 2024 Sonata Pricing, AWD Variant Starts At $30,000, N-Line Still Performance King

The 2024 Hyundai Sonata is ushering several key updates for the stylish four-door sedan and while it remains to be seen if this update will help provide a jolt to Sonata sales as a whole, Hyundai has revealed the final pricing ladder for the model which aims to make this stylish four-door a potent value play in a segment where design and performance have become the new benchmarks.   Sleek Styling & AWD Make Sonata Compelling Package Hyundai removed the base SE model from the Sonata lineup for 2024 and with its exit, the SEL model emerges as the new …

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Pricing Comparison Test – 2023 Hyundai Sonata Limited vs 2024 Honda Accord – Which Is Best For Your Wallet?

When Hyundai released the current generation Sonata, it was clear that they wanted to inject some vigor into a mid-size sedan segment that has been declining both in sales and overall entries. The Sonata has emerged as a value leader in this shrunken segment, and the N-Line version is perhaps one of the most underrated performance entries in the market today. However, the Sonata is far from being the only player in town and still faces competition from rivals, including the 2024 Honda Accord. Which entry is best for your wallet?   Hyundai Sonata Carries On With Light Changes Hyundai …

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Hyundai Taps The Dark Side Of Sonata Performance With All New Sonata Night Edition

The Hyundai Sonata N Line is already an exciting performance sedan in a segment feeling the heat from surging utility vehicle demand. But what if you’re looking for a Sonata N that channels the inner darkness of your performance desires while also paying tribute to G.I. Joe? Hyundai thinks it has the answer with the all-new Sonata N Line Night Edition.   The Eyes Of The Serpent Gaze Upon This Sonata While this flavor of the Sonata does not pay homage to an iconic Cobra-badged muscle car, Hyundai claims that the serpent this model pays homage to is sneaky ninja …

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Solar Roof, Premium Features Puts Spotlight On 2020 Sonata Hybrid

The 2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid made its initial debut in the South Korean market last year, and buyers in the U.S. long wondered when it would eventually make its way to the U.S. Hyundai delivered a resounding answer, and used the 2020 Chicago Auto Show to formally debut the all new Sonata Hybrid. We first got our glimpse of the Hybrid late last year, and while the prototype we saw was still a bit rough around the edges, it did show us that Hyundai was aiming to make people rethink the way that they looked at hybrids. The full production …

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2018 Hyundai Sonata SEL – Drive Review w/ Video

For a few months your humble scribe was referring to himself as Mr Sonata.  Even using the nick on the youtube drive videos. This is a car we know backwards and forwards!  So much great Sonata content for you to browse here on Our last outing with the Sonata was perhaps the brightest ever.  The time we really “got” this machine for its core essense. Amazing cabin space, standard equipment and a run-forever sense of reliability. That is Sonata’s raison d’etre and it is a good one. The Electric Blue SEL test car is about as humble as it …

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MEGA Road Test Review – 2015 Hyundai Sonata Is Like A Value-Added Audi A6 – Choice Between Lux or Sport Dynamics

MEGA Road Test Review – 2015 Hyundai Sonata Is Like A Value-Added Audi A6 – Choice Between Lux or Sport Dynamics   If you are keeping track, this is perhaps the fifth article in a series covering the 2015 Sonata’s launch. We were fortunate enough to attend the big event the other week and have been working up to this: the definitive review! After much consideration, the new Sonata reminds me most of the Audi A6 2.0T – in size, what it offers buyers, and in overall appeal. Shocking, right? Especially with the Sonata’s base pricing in the $20,000’s that …

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2020 HYUNDAI EXODUS – Designing A Halo Hypercar – Part One – The Nose

2020 HYUNDAI EXODUS – Designing A Halo Hypercar – Part One – The Nose WHY NOW? Lots of supercars and hypercars this week, which are great fun and very enjoyable to read about. That applies to those in the market for an exotic car as well as those of us who will drive something far more mundane in reality. WHY HYUNDAI? Why try to imagine my own Hyundai hypercar, after spending much time with the new Sonata last week? I realized many things on this trip about how rapidly Hyundai is advancing in the automotive world. (Full Sonata review is …

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Road Test Review - 2015 Hyundai Sonata - INTERIOR Focus - 2

Road Test Review – 2015 Hyundai Sonata – INTERIOR Focus – 2.4L Limited vs 2.0T Sport

  Thrilled to report that the 2015 Hyundai Sonata is an outstanding drive and a very compelling entry into the mid-size sedan marketplace. Midsize? It is huge in here! Yes, mid-size in price but a Large Car by EPA cabin volume — where the new Sonata is comfortably close to the scale of large luxury cars. Over the next few days, we will cover the 2015 Sonata extensively – but segmented out by theme and topic due to the extensive first-hand impressions driving the Eco, 2.4L Limited and the Sport 2.0T trim levels. There are noticeable differences between the trims …

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2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport – Buyers Guide to All Nine Colors + Animated 360-Degree Turntables

New Sonata fever is heating up today! Here is a very cool and exclusive color guide to the 2015 Sonata Sport trim level. Shown here is the 2.0T Sport – the upgraded turbo engine model – but the Sport trim is also offered on the base 2.4-liter GDI engine. We highly recommend the Sport trim for the style upgrades outside and in the cabin. Color wise, in person my favorite colors were Phantom Black, Quartz White and Venetian Red. While Urban Sunset orange is a Sport exclusive, it is not a real winner to these eyes… The 2015 Sonata is …

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2015 Hyundai Sonata 2

2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T – 160 Photos From National Media Launch!

Lovely days in Montgomery, Alabama visiting the Hyundai Motor Manufacturing America plant for the national media launch of the 2015 Sonata! Full drive impressions and reviews of the various models have to wait until next week when the press embargo is up on 12:01am on Monday — but these photos are fair game… The car looks outstanding in person versus my initial impressions when the car debuted at the New York Auto Show earlier this year. The new Sonata is very distinct across its standard, Eco and Sport trims – with the Sport my obvious preference due to its dark …

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2015 Hyundai Sonata Goes Huge – Forget Camry and Accord, This Sonata Is Benchmarking Buicks

Uh Oh. Old habits really do die hard, apparently. This new Sonata shows that some vile old standard-operating-procedures are back in vogue at Hyundai-Kia, in a BIG way: — shoddy design — shoddy performance — shoddy quality We could also add Shoddy Strategy and Shady Promises for handling, efficiency, value…. EXPLAIN: WHAT DO YOU MEAN? The recent model range changes from Hyundai are very, very bizarre in chucking the baby out with the bathwater. Three years of great sales have emboldened the team to go back to its roots in the worst possible ways. The latest ‘Busch-league’ maneuver? Ditching the …

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