2018 Hyundai Sonata SEL – Drive Review w/ Video

For a few months your humble scribe was referring to himself as Mr Sonata.  Even using the nick on the youtube drive videos.

This is a car we know backwards and forwards!  So much great Sonata content for you to browse here on Car-Revs-Daily.com

Our last outing with the Sonata was perhaps the brightest ever.  The time we really “got” this machine for its core essense.

Amazing cabin space, standard equipment and a run-forever sense of reliability.

That is Sonata’s raison d’etre and it is a good one.

The Electric Blue SEL test car is about as humble as it gets.  A $23k price is a few grand above the SE base level, and brings respectability with biggers wheels and classy LEDs.

Let’s dive into this review roundup with the latest Sonata SEL video drive review.  Enjoy!



Sonata makes its case on the road by driving with confidence and ease.  It is just such a likeable and universal appeal.  Undeniably a solid car with peppy power and strong 25/35 MPG efficiency.  Even without pricey turbo tech or the latest in transmissions.  This naturally-aspirated 2.4-liter pairs to a carry-over six-speed automatic.  Even this is better than some rivals with CVTs and mini turbo motors.

Inside this modest Sonata, the sense of premium ness from the pricier trims is fully intact.  The seating sport fabric is nice and grippy versus the slippery leather upgrades available.  And just the lack of moonroof reminds you this is the cheaper trim.

A slight hum of vibration from the engine in front on cold starts is also present on all trim levels of SOnata, unfortunately.  But with heated seats you wont mind too much.

Another gripe was the visible exterior metal you can see in the doorjams from the driver seat.  Just one of those things that shows Sonata is made for the masses.

To buy and love, honestly.  Sonata’s euro handling and strong body structure will still be a huge upgrade for most shoppers. Even if the car doesn’t exactly crave fast corners.

From $23,700 the tester added just $1k for the active safety Tech package.  Apple CarPlay and big touchscreen are all standard no matter what, and work fast and easily.

Is Sonata the car of an enthusiast’s dreams?  Nope.  But it gets the job done on the daily.

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