2016 BMW i8 FIA Formula E Pacecar – Wireless Charging + M8 Mods Roadmap?

BMW has re-signed as the official safety and medical car provider for the second-ever Formula E race series! The 2015/2016 series will feature a number of electric BMW’s on track for assistance and support duties, including bikes and an X5 eDrive. The i3 will be a medical support vehicle as well. But the really fast laps demand a fast safety and pacecar, of course! And here is the perfect machine, the PHEV BMW i8. And not just any i8, either. A few interesting tidbits about this pacecar are extremely promising. Wireless charging and a huge chassis upgrade that may point …

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Ford F-150 Halo Sandcat

2015 Ford F-150 HALO Sandcat Revealed At E3 Convention

Pretty cool new concept today from Ford to promote HALO 5: a new Sandcat F-150. Designed as a fantasy military vehicle for Xbox and 343 Industries, the actual machine was created by Galpin Auto Sports. The vast majority of the exterior upgrades are thanks to Addictive Desert Designs’ Baja XTR body kit and fender flares, plus a suspension lift and some trick axle tech for extra grip. A custom wrap, wheels and built-in game system in the car round out the upgrades for the Sandcat — but overall it is enough to feel some in-game excitement out in the real …

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2015 Nissan Juke NISMO RSnow Trax Concept Reignites Juke-R Halo Effect

We recently gave the Juke-R concept from 2012 a hall of fame write-up – extolling the incredible global awareness the GT-R/Juke hybrid created. The next step? A new Juke RSnow Trax – highlighting the new Juke LED boomerang lamps and new projector-beam lights up front, which are fresh for the 2015 model-year. This machine was created as a support car for an ice-driving school, with the tires replaced by individual tank-like treads. The rubber and steel-spiked treads spin in sync with the new hubs up top, controlling a contact patch that is 50X larger than four tires. This upgrade can …

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Hall of Fame – 2012 Nissan JUKE-R – Branded Marketing Halo Worth Weight in Gold

The 2012 Nissan Juke-R broke all the rules of concept cars, branding and supercar manufacturing. ‘Broke the rules’ is an absolute marketing cliche in this day and age, with every brand and their mom trying to play the rebel and bad-boy, all in search of that most elusive of demographics: the male 13-34. The reason this freakish creation with a Juke body atop a shortened Nissan GT-R platform was ostensibly just to showcase the GT-R’s amazing skills, perhaps living under the skin of normal and affordable Nissan models. In the JUKE-R’s case, the resemblence was far more that a branding …

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jeep hurricane

Concept Flashback – 2005 Jeep Hurricane Was Twin-HEMI Warthog-Fighter?

As the Jeep Hurricane started spinning in its own wheelbase length on the stage of the 2005 Detroit show, the crowd nearly forgot all about the truck’s real trump card. Or pair of Kings. A giant HEMI V8 at each end of the Hurricane promised otherworldly off-road power and movement precision. Sure, this vaguely recalls the Peugeot Hoggar from a few years before, but much more closely resembled the HALO video-game machine known as the Warthog. As the Halo game franchise has evolved, the Warthog has too. In 2010, the military machine fantasy even earned a spot in Forza Motorsport …

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cadillac cien5

Concept Flashback – 2002 Cadillac Cien XV12 – Halo Hypercar Back in Product Plans?

Cadillac in 2002 was just, just starting to reclaim its place in the luxury car ranks. Long blighted by horribly-engineered boats that failed every objective and subjective comparison with any true luxury brand, Cadillac was finally committing to rear-drive and actual merits as a corporate philoshophy. The new Art & Science tagline for the brand’s style — coined by Leo Burnett Chicago — needed an exemplar. People were thrilled by the Catera-replacing CTS but the brand needed a real shove upmarket. And fast. Enter stage left: the 2002 Cadillac Ciel concept running a mid-engine XV12 Northstar of 7.5-liters. It was …

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miray gif

Concept Flashback – 2011 Chevrolet Miray Roadster Was Chevy Europe Halo Sportster

Chevy Europe! Eeek. Remember that adventure? The ManU jerseys are definitely bow-tie-blazing this year, thanks to a huge a executive media marketing decision that costs General Motors more than half a billion dollars. During that rush of launching Chevrolet as a global brand — including Europe — the Opel Germany teams were suddenly tasked with a variety of extremely mundane projects. One extra sexy spinoff project slipped through the net for Frankfurt 2011, however. It was called Miray and is a breathtaking roadster vision. Designed in the same zeitgeist as the BMW i8 Roadster and Porsche 918 Spyder, the Miray …

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