Insider: How Electric Vehicles Can Save You Money in the Long Run

There has been an increase in cars that use alternative energy sources as their primary power source. The one reason driving this change is lower fuel costs than conventional gas or diesel-powered vehicles. In order to understand why these new types of models are cheaper, it makes sense to compare them with the aspects of the cost associated with conventional alternatives. First of all, battery and hybrid engines are much more efficient than the ones powering conventional cars when converting stored energy into motion – which translates into less power consumption per mile driven. This can be seen as a …

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Road Test Review – 2022 Genesis GV70 Sport Prestige, Filling Out Genesis’s Luxury Utility Footprint

When we had our chance to drive the Genesis GV80 awhile back, it appeared to signal a shift in Genesis’s plans for the luxury market, with the Korean upstart focusing more on utilities and crossovers after initially starting its launch with two sedan models. The GV80 is still a very good luxury SUV, but Genesis knows that it has to gradually move towards smaller segments and embraces a sportier lifestyle in order to expand its sales footprint. The 2022 GV70 is a step towards this goal, but is it the perfect complement to the GV80?   Sharper GV70 Styling Points …

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Pebble Beach 2021 – Genesis X Concept Gallery

This sexy design from Genesis embellishes the look of the upcoming G70 production car — a fave around here — with a mean widebody stance and some BMW Batmobile 635CSi vibes.   This two-door’s tail is a thing of beauty in itself and the entire design’s proportions and details are dramatic and sexy.   The roofline looks a bit practical versus the hypercars this Genesis X sits among at the Pebble Concept Lawn but this EV is still a stunner nonetheless. Photos by James Crabtree 2021 Genesis X Concept – Pebble Beach Gallery