Surprise! Drop-Dead Sexy Toyota Supercar Playable in GT6 and Previewing SUPRA 5

Surprise! Drop-Dead Sexy Toyota FT-1 Supra Joins Greatest Car Show on Earth

When any Toyota bumps the Porsche 911 Targa down a notch in my cue, you know it must be something amazing.   The new Supra. This concept is tagged the FT-1, and billed as the ultimate two-seat racing coupe. The FT1 is simply breathtaking. Wow. All those renderings look like absolute childs play compared with the final vision from Toyota.     Huge swooping panels almost recall the TVR Tuscan in their flowing symmetry. A ducktail forms part of a thin top trunk outline in a gorgeous way that also helps aero. An active spoiler is featured as well. The …

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Toyota Supra Past and Future 2015 Supra Renderings 34

2015 Toyota Supra Turbo: Hiding in Plain Sight? Evolution + Renderings

Has the upcoming 2015 Toyota Supra Turbo been hiding in plain sight this whole time? In the decade since the last Supra, the speculation has never stopped. The latest buzz indicates Toyota may be bringing a near-production example of the Supra to the Detroit show next month. This is exciting – even if the name starts with FT — Toyota-speak for wild concepts. Over the past few years, dozens of speculative renderings have appeared all across the car guys universe. All of these are hopelessly dated, however, and do not seem like a Future Toyota – to us at least. …

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