Porsche 911 Wide Track Speedster by DP Motorsport 19

Porsche 911 Wide Track Speedster by DP Motorsport

These German tunes are endlessly interesting, aren’t they? The cars usually have a long provenance before this latest transformation … and this Porsche is definitely no exception.  And with its menacing, machine-grey finishes it is no angel. This beast actually started life as a Targa but new bodywork and a sawzall to the roofline make it a unique basis for a Speedster mod.  The Targa platform would at least be a bit more rigid than most Carrera hardtops. This Speedster captures the ethos of a stealthy throwback supercar that has timeless appeal.  Monochrome paint for the bumpers over flat black …

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DP Motorsports Porsche 964 Classic S and Classic RS are Better-Than-Original Classic 911s

We all know the amazing work from Singer in California – rebuilding old Porsche 911’s with such meticulous care that the cars are absolutely perfect upon delivery to their new owners. A vintage car – perfectly remade and optimized. Sounds divine! The tradeoff for many is the prohibitive cost and level of personalization available when commissioning a custom Singer Porsche. The $500,000 cost is a barrier as well. =] For German and global customers who might want to order a pre-setup classic Porsche 911 that requires about half the cash and half the time spent worrying about the setup? For …

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911 1973 carbon white lightweight GIF

1973 Porsche 911 Lightweight Carbon Widebody by DP Motorsport – 310HP for Only 2,000-lbs!

Designed as (something of a) cross between a 964 911 Turbo and the Porsche 959 Aero prototype – this one-off by DP Motorsports is absolutely exquisite. Called the “Consistent Lightweight,” the car has been completely overhauled into a gorgeous track racer with nearly double its factory power, but hundreds of pounds less weight. Nearly all the steel bodywork of the original car is replaced by carbon-fiber, with mechanical upgrades in the suspension, grip and brake departments to keep the pace with the newly-potent boxer engine in back. From any concours to any pit lane … anywhere on Earth  — this …

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