All-new BMW X1 and 340i launch drive in Chihuahua, MX

USA-Spec 2016 BMW 340i Stretches Turbo Legs in Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon, Mexico is exceptionally beautiful — a perfect place for the launch drives of the new X1 and the new 340i M Sport xDrive. Located in northern Mexico’s Chihuahua state but far from the Gulf of California, the mountainous region is a cool 500-miles from the salty blue water and gorgeous beaches that typically draw tourists south of the border. So what is the draw? A thousand-year-old mining trail and original indigenous trade route — one running up from central America and up through similar places in Colorado. Not just copper from these hills, but something much brighter.  Gold! …

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2016 SHELBY GT350 Ford Mustangs Snapped in Flesh at Petit Le Mans

Very soggy day of racing at Petit Le Mans this year.  On the infield OEM stands, the rain also meant the 2017 Ford GT was covered up. Days of checking on her — hoping for a glimpse — were in vain.  This time. Just too wet out for a pure concept car. Pure sexy but on the roads very, very soon? The new Shelby GT350!  Wearing the silver snake badge in the wild new grille and nose, the GT350s here are a road car in new Ford Performance signature blue.  The bright orange/red stunner with white racing stripes is a …

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