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2013 BMW R90S Concept Celebrates 40 Years of the R90 and 90 Years Making Bikes

This BMW Concept 90 is the 2013 incarnation of a raw new BMW aesthetic that might be coming to two wheels near you. Shown at the same Villa d’Este Concours that the 2014 BMW Concept Roadster appeared, these two make an interesting counterpoint to the modern designs employed by BMW motorcycles today. Overall, the Concept R90S is delightful. It evokes the best days of Bonneville high-speed runs on the salt flats, beach-side California glamour, and beauty in the details. It also makes the rider a much more critical part of the mechanical and aero package. This Concept Ninety really is …

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BMW Motorrad Concept Roadster is Boxer Ducati-Fighter for Lake Cuomo

Here is a new BMW Roadster that is (or, rather: might.. eventually be) not only affordable, but truly bring the road to your brainstem in HD via all five senses. Granted, this boxer twin rumbler it does lack four wheels… but even on two, this is an exciting step for the BMW Motorrad program – bridging the gap between BMW scooters and full sport cycles with a fun and contemporary take on a city roadster. Key parts of the design are deconstructed mechanical pieces, but there are future-tech flashes like the solid-state LED lighting element in front. Overall, the BMW …

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