Monterey Car Week 2017 GALLERY By Anthony DAquisto 89

Monterey Car Week 2017 GALLERY – Thursday Carmel & Spanish Bay – By Anthony DAquisto

Brace yourself for high-dollar, high-performance supercars galore!  Monterey Car Week 2017 is in full swing.  Centenario’s are like Corolla’s here. In the middle of August, Pebble Beach is indeed the center of the automotive universe. CRD pal Anthony D’Acquisto from Newport Beach has 100 photos of his sightings yesterday.  Glowing indigo 720s?  Check.   One-of-six Ferrari Sergio?   LaFerrari Apertas?  Yep.   New TdF and original Ferrar Tour de France specials?  You know it! The brand-new Bentley SuperSports and Black Packs?  Oh yes! A favorite has to be the shimmery silver RUF Porsche. A huge thanks to Anthony for sharing …

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2015 Porsche Macan S – 108 All-New Photos In Almost-Base $50k Trim

The new Macan S might not be a total USA scoop like the extensive Amelia Island galleries were here on, but sighting one in the flesh at the Quail last week did result in three insights: — completely overlooking the also-brand-new Cayman GTS and Targa 4S models sitting on either side of this mid-size SUV — The Macan is definitely not an easy truck to photograph; its beauty is elusive and tricky to capture — deep longing to own a Macan S… but *definitely* with painted “Side Blades” option checked What is with these hideous door panel protectors pieces? …

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Aventador GIF1

2015 Lamborghini Aventador Shines Hypercar Halo for Huracan Client Event

Like talking smack about a heavyweight titlist — any rumors about the Aventador’s potency these days are sure to be whispered in private. The Aventador is the heir apparent to a huge well of passion around the previous Countach, Diablo and Murcielago flagships. Those are mid-engine exotics that have stayed wild, stayed loud, and stayed around for four decades of shifting hypercar sands. But in 2010 and beyond — the market is becoming extremely crowded. The Aventador somehow is no longer the title-holder of a generation’s car poster pin-ups. It is nowhere near as fast as the Bugatti Veyron or …

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