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6 Driving Careers That Don’t Involve Trucking

Getting your Commerical Driver’s License (CDL) often gets associated with becoming a truck driver. You may even find yourself practicing on and testing with a big rig to complete a CDL class, but semi-trucks aren’t the only thing you can drive with a CDL. Let’s take a look at some of the best driving careers that don’t involve trucking. Stunt Driver Have you ever watched a high-speed car chase in an action movie and thought, “Hey, I bet I could do that!” If the answer is yes, then stunt driving is the career for you. Most movie and TV stunt …

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World Premiere Freightliner Inspiration Truck

How to Start Your Own Trucking Company – Scott Huntington

We’ve all seen big-rig trucks on the highway, delivering important goods to keep our economy moving, but it’s hard to tell which company a truck works for. You might not know that most commercial trucking operations run six trucks or less. You can get into the commercial trucking yourself, but like any business, the key to getting started is knowledge. You’ll need the proper license and some capital, but all things considered, it’s pretty straightforward. Just be ready to lead a lifestyle very different from the average job. Here’s where to begin. Get Your CDL License To run a trucking …

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7 Great Careers If You Love Cars and Driving

If you were playing with Hot Wheels and model race cars back when the other kids were focused on action figures and video games, you’re probably looking forward to a career in the automotive world. It would be great if we could all race cars for a living, but not everyone can be the next Jeff Gordon or Sebastian Vettel. Many professions that don’t involve racing will allow you to explore your love of cars, and your parents will feel much better about your prospects of backing into a wall at 190mph. Here are some of the best career choices …

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