Road Test Review – 2018 Audi TT-RS – By Carl Malek

It’s not too often that we get the rare and unique opportunity to experience an RS badged Audi. Serving as the penultimate performance model for the bulk of the Audi lineup (R8 excluded,) these special models aim to bring even higher levels of performance, sophistication, and technology to the lucky clientele that are able to add one of these models to their dream garage. One of these offerings is the 2018 Audi TT-RS which brings the RS formula to the brand’s venerable two seat sports coupe. But can this latest chapter of TT-RS finally bring the cohesion and full spectrum …

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Beijing Debuts – 2017 Audi TT RS Coupe and Roadster – 3.7s via 400HP!

A fantastic range-topper for the new TT twins: the RS! Power is up by 60Hp over the previous TT RS via a new turbo five-cylinder engine. Ultra-short new ratios for the launch gears of  the DSG twin-clutch auto rocket the new TT RS Coupe to 62-mph in just 3.7-seconds. The ragtop is not far behind. Various trim options for the deep lower splitter, all-new bumpers and grilles front and rear make unique statements.  The black is dark and menacing, while the silver effect (as shown on the red Coupe below) is just as modern and mean… but a bit brighter. …

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