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FIRST-EVER FERRARI DRIVE. In HD. On RACETRACK – Ferrari F430 Scuderia at Velocity Motorsports Atlanta Track Drive

Absolute heaven for any car guy. First-ever drive in a Ferrari is… where? An all-new, high-speed road course that is known for its huge and very exciting elevation changes: Atlanta Motorsports Park. With only a few short laps, it was hard to press the F430 Scuderia hard – which is obviously the speed the car prefers. Sensory overload – sold daily at Velocity Motorsports in Atlanta! The pricing starts from about $250 with a choice of cars ahead of your visit, and the chance to upgrade to extra laps in the rest of the Velocity Motorsports fleet. First deep throttle …

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Beating the Supercar Paradox – 2007 Ferrari F430 at Velocity Motorsports Supercar Track Drive

PART ONE What is the ‘supercar paradox’? The supercar paradox is that ‘newer is always 1000X better.’ But on a sunny day at a gorgeous racetrack, is newer really better, though? For what, exactly? Impressing people? PART TWO The term ‘starfucker’ — or maybe just ‘starstruck’ — really defines how speechless and shy one can become around any seriously exotic supercar. Sure, in the car mags — it is all about the latest and greatest. This month’s hottest cars – with a heavy emphasis on anything new or special. This is the template we know and love in the academic …

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