2024 Lucid Gravity Promises To Shakeup The EV SUV Segment, What Can We Expect?

Lucid recently made waves when the company confirmed that it will be producing the Gravity EV SUV. The Gravity will be the first SUV offered by the upstart EV maker, but what can buyers expect and will the 2024 Lucid Gravity help pull customers into Lucid showrooms? Here’s a few key things that you can expect when it hits showrooms.


Gravity: A Project For Now, But Will Play Key Role In Sales Later

For now, Lucid is calling the SUV “Project Gravity” but look for the Project portion of that moniker to be canned after the production version eventually makes its debut. That said, look for the exterior styling to play a key role in luring buyers in with the SUV borrowing alot of its styling DNA from the beautiful Lucid Air sedan. The front end on the concept is essentially a puffed up version of what we have already seen in the Air with the clean looking face housing sleek headlights as well as crisp lines. The lower air intake is bigger than the sedan’s and the blade style lighting in the lower bumper is noticeably bigger too.


Lucid claims that the Gravity will enter the market initially as a two-row SUV (third-row models will come later) and these proportions also play a role in the design. The side profile is boxy but the smaller size of the two-row layout allowed Lucid designers to craft the concept with minimal design concessions. While Lucid’s teaser images don’t give us a good view of the rear-end, look for the Air’s lightbar to be carried over to the Gravity albeit modified slightly to accommodate the wider dimensions. It will be interesting to see how much of the concept’s styling cues carryover to the production version of the Gravity, but if it carries over with minimal changes like the Tesla Model X did a few years ago, the Gravity should replicate some of its rival’s early success.


An Immersive Interior That Does Its Best IMAX Impression

If the sleek exterior styling doesn’t draw you in, the Gravity’s interior should easily pick up the slack. The cabin will also follow the Air’s core blueprint, but supersizes it for the SUV ranks. For instance, we thought the Air’s  windshield flowing into the roof was a novel touch, but the Gravity manages to outshine that visual trick in its own way. The fore-mentioned windshield is still there, but the large side windows and a bigger sunroof allows the Gravity to have a truly immersive experience with some of the views making it seem like you entered a mini IMAX theater especially with how much of the sky the sunroof provides viewers.

But the impressive views of the world outside are only eclipsed by some of the technology that the Gravity will come packed with. Lucid’s UX software and its Glass Cockpit systems will be carried over to the Gravity, but the SUV will benefit from updated versions of both and we hope that the SUV will have a few digital surprises that will be exclusive to itself as a result of the updated technology. Look for a potent sound system to also be on tap as well as many of the assorted luxury car features that buyers in this elite class of vehicle expect.



Gravity To Bring Supercar Performance In A SUV Wrapper

Lucid claims that the Gravity will offer supercar levels of performance but stopped far short of confirming what kind of performance hardware will be lurking under the bodywork. Based on that claim, it’s safe to assume that the Gravity will offer the Air’s more powerful performance options with a base model potentially making over 1,000 hp with the dual electric motor setup. The Sapphire’s tri-electric motor setup could also make its way to the Gravity, but that bejeweled model could perhaps come later after the standard Gravity has a chance to establish itself in the marketplace. While the Air sedan uses coil springs for its suspension, the Gravity could go for a full air suspension to help with load-leveling as well as achieving SUV traits like adjustable ground clearance and other trail focused duties.

The bigger 112.0 kWh battery pack will most likely enter the mic, but it remains to be seen if the smaller 92 kWh battery pack will make its way to the gravity too especially since that one is used in lower trims of the Air that make less than the vaunted 1,000 hp mark. Either way, Lucid will certainly be making a performance statement with the Gravity, and the Gravity could prove to be a deceptive Q-Ship especially when paired with the right configuration and driver.


When Can I Buy One?

Lucid hasn’t revealed the full production version of the Gravity just yet, but the company did confirm that the configurator for the SUV will go live on Lucid’s website later this year, with production slated to kick off in 2024 in Casa Grande, Arizona where the Gravity will be built alongside the Air sedan. Look for pricing information to also be revealed closer to that crucial milestone too with the Gravity most likely being a noticeable step up in price from the Air sedan.