Worst of NAIAS - 2016 Acura Precision Concept 3

Update1 – 2016 Acura Precision Concept – Design Reboot Ruined By Another Fugly Nose

Updated with real-life photos. Good to see more angles of the Acura Precision Concept, a car whose design is really expressive and deep in real-life photos versus the initial renders.  The beak is still rough, but there is promise here. Acura is still having trouble rebuilding its sales since a brief peak in the early 2000s with the TL and MDX. More recently, the sales velocity for the brand is in terminal decline. A big part of the problem has been the dogged persistence with the ‘shield’ grille since at least 2007.  This is a look that no one really likes, …

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2016 Acura Precision Concept – Teases Next-Gen RLX with Cali-Penned Fastback Coupe

  Just a single teaser sketch so far of the upcoming Acura Precision Concept, but it is a promising one! The design overtly previews upcoming sports sedan models from the resurgent luxury arm of Honda, with a design direction expected to diverge from the current Acura design direction.  Not much to learn from the teaser image about that look, but we can see impressively enhanced proportions. The long-hood and short front overhang is unlike current RL sedans or even the new TLX, as is the plunging roofline and curt tail — evoking a bit of Audi A7 or BMW 650i …

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