Nissan Releases Teaser For Celebrity Packed Super Bowl Ad

Nissan is preparing for a significant infusion of new products for 2023, with the Nissan Z sports car leading the way. The Japanese auto giant is preparing to make a splash in the world of Super Bowl advertising and has released a pair of teasers that provide a glimpse into the thrilling “Thrill Driver” spots that it will air during the big game.


Big Names Join Action-Packed Ad

When you take a look at the pair of ads, it’s pretty evident that Nissan marketers were heavily inspired by films like Gone in 60 Seconds as well as The Fast and The Furious Franchise with their piece, which is titled “Thrill Driver.” Like those two, the commercials promise an action-packed affair with plenty of comedy thrown in to help provide depth.

Brand Ambassador Brie Larson is nowhere to be found in either of the teasers, but the company claims that Larson will have a significant role in the entire advertising campaign. Instead, we see other big names like former WWE champion Dave Bautista, Danai Gurira, and Eugene Levy. Levy, in particular, gets to be the lucky individual that gets to pilot the 2023 Nissan Z.


Nissan Ariya To Also Get Thrill Driver Cameo

With the action-heavy backdrop, high-speed action, and performance driving moves, some folks will be surprised to hear that the Nissan Ariya will also get a cameo role in the new spot. While it’s unknown which ad the Ariya will appear in, look for it to perhaps be in a supporting role that would allow it to highlight the electrified technology that underpins it and some of the capability that’s baked into its DNA.


When Will We See The Thrill Driver Ads?

As mentioned, the pair of ads will make their respective debuts during Super Bowl Sunday, but it will be interesting to see where in the night they will appear. As for the Z and the Ariya, look for the Z to make its way to dealerships first, with the first production units of the stylish two-door making their way to dealerships this spring. As for the Ariya, the model first appeared in 2020 as a concept, but look for it to arrive in complete production form later this year with a staggered launch schedule that will see the higher trims come first before, the lower spec models fill out the rest of the range.

Buyers looking to get an early chance at nabbing a Z for themselves will be pleased to hear that Nissan is currently running a contest to win one, which is going on now through February 15th.