Studio AVA Brings Back C2 Corvette, Old-School V8 Swapped For Modern EV Performance In AVA Stingray

The C2 Corvette was a revelation when it first appeared in the early 1960s. It not only introduced the Stingray moniker to buyers, but it arrived with a radical redesign that drew inspiration from the Stingray racing program as well as the original Q-Corvette concept. When it thundered its way to showrooms, the C2 offered buyers a wide range of small and big block V8s that established it as a key 60s icon. But while the last C2 was made in 1967, this particular chapter in Vette history is preparing to make its return after 54 years with the unveiling of the all-new AVA Stingray. 


An Electrified Time Machine 

The AVA Stingray results from an effort by Studio AVA, a small company based in Ireland. While the company’s website does not reveal too much about the car itself, it does reveal that the firm wants to create “the ultimate classic electric experience” with modern EV technology infused within the eye-catching lines of the past. In this case, we suspect that means the exterior of the AVA Stingray will retain many of the core elements that defined the original, albeit with some concessions made for the sake of safety and better styling. 


An All-Star Design Duo Lends Their Pens To The AVA Stingray 

At this point, you might be wondering how on earth a small company in Ireland could deliver on these promises, especially when it involves an iconic generation of the Corvette. The answer lies in the two designers that are involved in this project. Famed Jaguar and Aston Martin designer Ian Callum is involved in the project. Callum’s appearance falls in line with what he said in June of 2019 when he revealed that he was stepping down from Jaguar to pursue other design projects. His guidance here is precious for a small company like Studio AVA especially in the broader scheme of things.  

A more prominent name is Peter Brock, the man who originally sketched and designed the C2 Corvette 54 years ago when he was only 19 years old. Brock’s commitment to his creation is evident in the brief teaser video Studio AVA released on the project, with the veteran designer sharing some of his thoughts on the C2 Vette while also saying, “You go back, and you say, what could have been done better on the car?” 


Hyperclassic AVA Stingray Promises Futuristic Performance 

AVA Stingray

Studio AVA reps claim that the AVA Stingray is a “hyper classic,” with the car supposedly combining “hyper-modern power and performance” with “the body and soul of a classic.” This is nothing new, of course, with other companies creating electrified classic cars in the past. A notable example is Jaguar, with the British company recently completing a small production run of electrified E-Type Zeros in 2020. 

As for the AVA Stingray, not much is known on the full scope of its electrified performance, but posts on Studio AVA’s social media pages suggest that the EV hardware could make between 1,200 and 2,000 horsepower. That’s an impressive amount of performance but might offend those that remember the sound and presence that could only be achieved with a period-correct 454 big-block V8.  


Customization Brings Unique Identity To AVA Stingray 

Along with the potent performance, the AVA Stingray also promises to be highly configurable, with each one being made to mesh with each owner’s distinct personality. That should include unique interior accents and trims as well as paint colors for the retro-themed exterior. Not surprisingly, Studio AVA is only going to be making a limited production run of these vehicles. Still, the firm stopped short of giving a formal figure for that minor detail.  IN the meantime, Studio AVA has released a brief video featuring Brock, which can be seen below.