2016 Opel GT Concept 9

2016 Opel GT Concept – RWD Turbo Triple Under Sexy, Blown-Glass Exterior Design

Opel is trying to get its mojo back.   The German firm and its Vauxhall twin have taken a pounding in the last few years in terms of desirability and brand affinity. This Opel GT aims to realign the firm with modern Euro values and driving ideals. Best place to start? A lightweight purist’s special! This Opel GT’s design is what will make a big splash, but we like what is underneath even better. A front-mid mount for the turbo 1.0-liter triple sends power to the back wheels.  Simple pleasures! A six-speed sequential manual and 8.0-second sprint to 60-mph are …

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Track Drive Review – 2016 Buick Regal GS – Flypaper Handling Is Now $3k Cheaper!

Autobahn Country Club might be my “Happy Place.” Recalling this track’s frisky bends, howling tires and full-throttle straightaways brings a smile instantly. Buick invited us to flog their performance flagship, the 2016 Regal GS, around the Illinois track and autocross to show off the machine’s latest updates: new colors and a price that is much more approachable. How approachable!?  A cool $3,300 off the base price for the GS takes the entry level to $35k versus near $38k before.  Three drivetrains continue for 2016: FWD auto, FWD manual and AWD automatic. The GS AWD we tested out still comes in …

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6.5s, 143MPH 2015 Vauxhall Corsa VXR Arriving In May Priced From 18k

The new Corsa VXR is priced and on its way to showrooms in just two weeks time. The base Corsa VXR comes in at £18k with standard Recaro seats, a 202-horsepower turbo engine and performance topline stats of 6.5-seconds to 60 and a 143-mph top speed. Overall, the biggest changes to the Corsa VXR versus the previous model are up front and from the driver’s seat. The nose is now all-new versus both the previous Corsa VXR and the base Corsa range, with a deep lower bumper, forward-facing grille in a low snout area, and a new integrated air intake duct …

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Corsa VXR Front

2015 Vauxhall Corsa VXR Packs Koni Shocks and Limited-Slip Diff!

  The hot hatch market in the UK is one of the fiercest and most-competitive anywhere in the world. So to have any street cred selling millions of luke-warm mini-cars, a brand needs to have an aspirational hero at the top of the range. A car that will make Richard Hammond laugh and hoon, you might say. The Corsa VXR is a direct response to the global love-fest that surrounds the Ford Fiesta ST. These two mini-cars are Britain’s top-selling vehicles, so any tweak or change in their style and performance is rapidly noted by all drivers. Especially lead-footed teens! …

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