Update1 – VW CO2 Fraud May Split or Sink Firm + Why Latest 2016 Cheaters List Is Devastating

  Updated 11.14.15 Any press release with bad news is best to send out on a Friday evening. This is generally a way to slide by the major news cycles — hoping to sidestep making the front page of business newspapers. Volkswagen will not be so lucky this time with their deceitfulness: the latest revelation is perhaps the most damning yet. Since the initial TDI NOx emissions scandal was announced by the EPA on September 18th, the Volkswagen Group has been in a panicked paralysis.  The actions of the firm have led to widespread credit rating downgrades, a 5.3-percent drop …

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Watch the Adaptive Bodywork of the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA Via New Animations

 Updated with 55 New Photos from Mercedes-Benz Frankfurt IAA 2015 A few of Mercedes-Benz’s most advanced projects and engineering specialties come together for this all-new Concept IAA. The Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile proves that the self-driving tech shown at CES last year can be applied to a sportier shape than the rolling lounge concept. Secondly, this Concept IAA proves that the billion-dollar new wind tunnel in Sindelfingen is paying dividends. Beyond the obvious crown jewel of a constructor and driver championship in F1, of course! The proportions of the 0.22-cD Concept IAA are mouthwatering in profile and around back. The nose …

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1956 Arnolt-Bristol Deluxe Roadster by Bertone 4

Update1 – RM Amelia 2015 – 1956 Arnolt-Bristol Deluxe Roadster by Bertone Brings $484k

Updated with 26 Photos + Sale Price of $484,000 A few photos of the auction car inside the RM Auctions room at the Amelia Island Rita Carlton, plus a different Arnolt-Bristol of the same variety entering the concours field.   1956 Arnolt-Bristol Deluxe Roadster by Bertone As ever, these high-dollar auctions are a rare chance to see priceless classics out and about in the real world. This Arnolt-Bristol by Bertone certainly applies — a run of 143 total rebodies of the Bristol 404 completed to order by Bertone in Italy. The design shows how an odd chassis package can actually …

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cla45 amg gif

Update1 – 2016 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 Shooting Brake Shuns LA Debut; USA-Bound?

Updated 12.4.14 with 22 new photos.   As you may or may not have noticed, Mercedes and BMW seem to have given the LA show this week a big middle finger. Neither revealed anything significant (Maybach S600 aside) and have both been relatively quiet on the overall announcement front. Detroit and New York are generally the German’s favorite North American shows to make a splash – but here is one curio. The CLA45 AMG Shooting Brake revealed online just moments ago. Would this car not have made a good Los Angeles debut? If it were coming to the US, it …

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sema 2014 trucks gif24

Update1 – SEMA 2014 Gallery – TRUCKS and BIKES

Updated 11.17.14 SEMA 2014 TRUCKS and BIKES        

mondeo gif1

Update1 – 2015 Ford Mondeo Brings New LED Headlights + Hybrid Option

 Updated 10.28.14 with 20 new photos Ford’s new Mondeo is heading to European dealers by the end of this year! Revised LED lighting, tech and redesigned steering/suspension round out the changes. The Mondeo Hybrid will also be new to the European and UK market. Might these updates show the direction of Ford’s hot-selling Fusion here in the US? Time will tell! Despite lots of moves toward global models, the Mondeo vs Fusion name difference is slightly helpful in making different update cycles by market a bit easier to swallow. This is in sharp contrast to the Euro VW Passat versus …

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renault ebola gif

Update1 With 50 New Photos – 2014 Renault Eolab Concept PHEV Is Not Ebola-Proof

  The Renault Ebola Eolab concept PHEV is back with 50 new photos! Renault reads the newspaper, right? How could they let a name so close to the deadliest disease known to man be attached to the back of a damn-sexy concept car previewing a PHEV Megane? We especially like the orange-red accent color that appears to be bleeding out the Eolab’s grille and under its floating A-pillars. Classy. Eolab. Ebola. Pretty close. We are excited for the upcoming Chevrolet Cancer and Vauxhall SIDS. Or how about the new Volkswagen HIV? Mazda Malaria? Opel Polio?     PREVIOUS Ahh! What …

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mitsu outlander gif

Update1 – Wow! 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Concept-S

Update1 – Wow! 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Concept-S   Photos from Paris confirm it: the new Mitsubishi Outlander looks absolutely fantastic. Hard the believe how much more desirable the new car is than the current Outlander, which is lost in a sea of rounded corners. 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Concept-S       PREVIOUS Are you getting pumped for Paris? Kicking off the 2014/2015 auto show season in high-fashion style, the debuts are set to come fast and furious… ahem. Pre-empting the big debuts of the new Infiniti Q80 flagship, Lamborghini SUV and many, many more is the new Mitsubishi …

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CHR gif

Update1 With 30 New Photos – 2014 Toyota C-HR Concept for Paris Previews Yaris Crossover

Updated 10.3.14 This crossover concept shows some fascinating ideas for a next generation of small Toyota crossovers. While there are very interesting and sexy ideas in the layered and floating designs of the roof and taillamps, the nose is far less successful. But overall, the detailing in the surface lines makes it all worthwhile. We tinted the color purple just for fun, as shown on the first image below. PREVIOUS It is new Japanese crossover day today! The Toyota C-HR Concept has broken cover ahead of its Paris debut in Paris. This model is thought to be a Yaris-sized crossover, …

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