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Audi SUV and Crossover Showcase — 600-Photo Galleries of Q3, Q5 hybrid, SQ5, and Q7 TDI S-Line Plus

Between 1994 and 2004, Audi’s biggest barrier to more US sales was a pretty limited number of model choices. In 2014, that is definitely no longer an issue: Audi’s American model range is huge. Disregarding the many, many engines available in each model, as well as S and RS cars — Audi is now packing at least 30 body styles. Add five more with the A3 and Q3 family for 2015, and keep adding five extra mystery machines for at least the next four years. Overall, plenty to choose from — with pricing that starts at $30,000 for the crossovers …

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2014 Audi SQ5 Brings 350-plus HP - Buyers Guide Colors - Q-car Appeal 2

2014 Audi SQ5 – The Best of All Worlds? Big Power, Lux Cab, High Fashion

The Audi Q5 is heating up! Since its light refresh last year, this capable, superfast and classy crossover is passing many established players on the sales charts. This is no fluke: the Q5 is perhaps the ultimate all-season, all-cargo sports car these days. Imagine the pace and cabin of the RS7 — but in a deceptively stylish crossover shell. The SQ5 might not have that last 10-percent of track-day flair versus its upcoming Macan sibling, but Audi is competing to win. Even within the Volkswagen Group, where the teams genuinely respect and collaborate across brands and specialties, competitiveness is only …

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