2015 Galpin-Fisker ROCKET Mustang 20

2015 Galpin-Fisker ROCKET Mustang Production Debut + Startup Video

The Galpin Auto Sports and Henrik Fisker ROCKET Mustang is official and headed to its first owners within the next few weeks! This jet-black example at Amelia Island is the first production model — which we snapped rumbling around Amelia Island Concours last week. Also included here is a brief exhaust snippet from startup — at least two octaves deeper than the factory exhaust, that is for sure!  The 725HP puts out a ridiculous amount of heat from those quad pipes as well….! 2015 Galpin-Fisker ROCKET Mustang PREVIOUS A huge number of incredible photos to share from Amelia Island Concours …

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2015 Fisker ROCKET Silver 66

Amelia Island – 2015 Fisker ROCKET in 100 New Photos in Liquid Silver

A huge number of incredible photos to share from Amelia Island Concours 2015!  Let’s kick off the data download with the absolutely stunning 2015 Fisker Rocket from Galpin Auto Sports. This is the prototype first shown at SEMA in November, with its $50,000 paintjob as stunning now as it was then. But it is not the flake that really makes the Fisker Rocket such an event of a car. The dramatic and tasteful design is uniquely altered from all angles, to the point where the car’s Mustang GT base-point is no longer immediately visible. A very, very special car. The …

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2017 Ford GT in Liquid Silver 1

2017 Ford GT in Liquid Silver + Grey Racing Stripes Stuns Chicago

In most cases, you would not want to be splashed with liquid, molten silver. But when that silver is Ford Performance at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, all signs say: Dive in! The most striking new lines visible on the 2017 Ford GT in this new color are in the doors and lower sills. Here we see a huge level of pinched creasing, elaborate aero vents and intakes, and overall beauty to rival any Ferrari. 2017 Ford GT in Liquid Silver