Road Test Review – 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque First Edition – By Carl Malek

When Land Rover first unveiled the Range Rover Evoque a few years ago, it represented a bold and key step for the British SUV maker. Penned with input from controversial style and music figure Victoria Beckham, the Evoque straddled the line between being a stylish accessory, and a go anywhere bruiser that promised higher levels of capability and ruggedness for the chic clientele that chose to welcome it into their homes. The Evoque proved to be a big seller for the company, but it was admittedly a bit rough around the edges in some aspects, especially in engine and infotainment …

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Road Test Review – 2019 Land Rover Discovery HSE Luxury – By Carl Malek [Video]

When it comes to bringing the pinnacle of off-road capability to affluent adventurers, few can beat the bar that has been set by Land Rover. The iconic British luxury SUV brand has always served as one of the benchmarks that many automakers look up to when they craft an off-road focused vehicle. In addition, key models have also played a big role in the company’s history over the years. A prominent player is the Land Rover Discovery which has established itself by offering lucky buyers the ability to blaze even the toughest of trails but still have enough size to …

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