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2016 USA Honda Civic Type R Renderings + Strategic Rationale

YAY… HONDA MOJO IS BACK! After guest editor Chris May’s article this week, the Honda sportscar fan owner situation feels very real. His main message was one of frustration and confusion about the lack of a US Type R akin to the outstanding concept and real-life model that is heading to Japan, Europe and the UK within the next year or so as a production car. Spy Shots photo credit: MotorAuthority.com Finally. Finally! A turbo engine in a Honda Civic that is promised to deliver “at least” 280 horsepower. And a lean and mean pocket-rocket bodystyle that packs five doors …

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Update1 — Honda Civic Type R Concept is 5-Door, 280HP Turbo Track Monster with LEDs To Die For and Racing Rear Wing!

Sorry for the lack of text in this article before. I was actually locked out of my website until 6a, which led to posting the Civic Type R Concept on the http://www.facebook.com/carrevsdaily when the initial release hit my inbox at 3:58a. Regardless: a dozen or so extra images inlcuded now, plus the official details on the WTCC-inspired Civic concept. Official Details from Honda below. Racing Car for the Road – Civic Type R Concept  Bold and Aggressive, Styled to Reflect Performance Honda’s appearance at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show will lead with the worldwide reveal of the Civic Type R …

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