2015 Infiniti QX30 Concept 2

2015 Infiniti QX30 Concept Headed for Geneva

  The newest Infiniti is almost here! The QX30 Concept’s first teaser image is official, and is almost a dead ringer for the Q30 concept seen at Frankfurt 2013. From the back at least, the new QX30 does appeal to be significantly more SUV-ish than the low-riding Q30. This would imply there might be road and trail versions of the model in the cars. This version is also nearly production-ready (tires aside…) and should arrive in global Infiniti showrooms by December, we predict. The premium compact crossover is likely to be an influential design template, later rolling upmarket with a …

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gla45 amg gif

Update1 – 2015 GLA45 AMG Bases At $49,000 in USA + Giant Spoiler Available!

Updated 11.8.14 There are a few varieties of really cool styling upgrades for the new GLA45 AMG — from the Midnight pack with dark sills and a dark lower splitter in front, to the Carbon sports package or the stand-alone rear spoiler from $850. All pair well with the $850 dark wheel styles! Check out our builder options below, and cruise over to the configurator to explore your ideal setup. The new GLA45 stickers from $48,300 in the USA before delivery charges, and is available now.       2015 GLA45 Build Summary MSRP $48,300*   Exterior color: South Seas …

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brabus gla gif

400HP, 4.1s 2015 BRABUS Mercedes-Benz GLA Hunkers Low on 21s + Aero Kit

  The strangest part of the GLA-Class and other small crossovers lately is how low they actually are. Is it an SUV? The OEM plastic shields on the fenders say yes, but the mind is not so sure. It has taken 20 years then for the world to catch up to the classic Subaru Legacy —> Outback conversion. Taller springs, chunkier rubber and an Eddie Bauer package outside is all you need to sell thousands of cars a year! Just kidding. (JK BFR = just kidding, but for real.) How to stay ahead of trends and planted in corners with …

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GLA250 gif

2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 4Matic Bases at $34k with Standard 6.9s Sprint Time

 When it comes down to it, Mercedes-Benz has traditionally been very, very conservative about entering new market segments. That is going out the door with new entrants like the GL-Class or the CLS Shooting Brake. But in truth, a front-drive compact crossover is about as far from the Mercedes sweetspot as anything one can imagine — especially in the image-managed US market. We are not offered the nerdy and frumpy B-Class, nor the A-Class. We also generally receive the most-loaded models in every range. This is why the GLA-Class will be offered in Europe as the GLA200 and GLA220 CDI …

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TT Offroad Concept GIF

5.2s to 60mph, 148MPG Plug-in Hybrid AWD! Audi TT Offroad Concept – A Sure Thing As Future Q2 (or Q4?)

The big three German luxury brands are infamous in charting each-others new models rigorously. When the Mercedes-Benz R-Class emerged to shocked faces across the globe, BMW was not far behind with the 5 series GT in a slight tweak on the theme. Once one of the big players has established a market, it is widely seen as almost a sure-fire new segment that all must either join or be left out of completely. The rationale is often more than a little flawed – as the R-Class seven-seater and five-seater minivan/wagon trend failed to spark much interest. But one clear segment …

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MY2015 GLA45 AMG

Production-Spec 2015 GLA45 AMG Looking Gorgeous Without Concept Stickers

When it rains, it pours! And when it pours, rear-drive sports cars must crawl along the highway at anything above 70 or 80 mph. Sure, you can go fast in the rain in your high-power, rear-drive machine — but any wheel slip can become a serious problem. That is the key reason the new generations of AMG Mercedes-Benz models will be optimized for rear-drive hoon-ability, but standard 4Matic AWD for high-speed, all-weather confidence. The GLA45 is the perfect example of this new breed of sub-Macan-Turbo sporting models from BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. The X1 M Sport xDrive35i is about as …

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