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This 1974 Triumph TR6 Is Track-Prepped and Rally-Ready in Flat Black

Any car with X’s over the headlights is an instant favorite. It is a sign that the car is ready to play — and play hard. This Triumph TR6 from ~1974 at Kiawah Island Cars and Coffee definitely looks ready to run itself with the gas pedal pinned to the floorboards. The paint-job is a bit heat-collecting for the hot South Carolina summers; at least top-down air will keep you cool once on the move. Overall, the lower rally lights and good body panels make this car a chic and fun option versus a modern roadster. All the thrills, but hopefully …

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Amelia Island Time Capsules — Porsche 356A “Outlaw” Is Stunning in Flat Black

Yes, Matte Black’s moment may have come and gone. But there is some authenticity to this car’s finish — which recalls the original industrial paint finishes of the 1950s. Just called Flat Black in those days, we presume. One thing is for sure: this car would be a bit toasty in the summer-time.