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2014 Buick Regal Turbo and GS AWD – Inside and Out in 50 High-Res Photos

We still have yet to drive the Buick Regal, but the car is very handsome for 2014 in both the base eAssist or Turbo trims — and definitely int he sexy GS package. The GS is the OPC/VXR version from across the pond – with everything the European cars have to increase the sportiness of the handling, performance and cabin feel. Our GS trades the twin-turbo V6 of the Euro cars for a turbo four – which is the biggest change overall besides the new Buick badges everywhere. The lighter engine up front actually dramatically enhances road feel and how …

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Buick OnStar 4GLTE As Standard Is A Game-Changer for In-Car Mobile Broadband

Spent some time today with the latest Regal and Lacrosse sedans from Buick – a surprising leader in the tech segment of the car business. Standard 4G LTE in all 2015 Buicks (except the Enclave, which makes it for 2016) will make the first three months of owning car car true heaven. That is the length of the trial period of in-car 4GLTE services with Onstar. I say this with a bit of a smirk because the sign-up rate will be amazingly high. The pricing, already-installed access and friendliness of the sign-in for up to seven devices is a miracle …

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