SHOCK RESULTS! Spray Nine Heavy Duty Cleaner VS. Yucky Brown Tires


In our previous ‘intro to Spray Nine’ post, we explored a few light duties this cleaner can handle around the house.  Dasani flavorizer staining my countertops?  Wiped off instantly with Spray Nine.  Bug splatter and as a pre-soak/spot treatment right before you head into a spray carwash?


Spray Nine Heavy Duty Cleaner breezed through those easy tasks with flying colors.

Now, a far more challenging ‘ask’ of Spray Nine!

What is it?

Muddy tires. 

Not just muddy – but with literally years and thousands of miles of deep, deep red clay, dirt and brake-dust gunk lining the giant – and fully BROWN — Bridgestones of this preowned GX460.

The tires came back brown out of the carwash, and even resisted coming clean with a spot treatment from the car dealer’s detail shop.

Enter Spray Nine Heavy Duty Cleaner, 5 minutes and a few paper towels.

We gave the full sidewalls a healthy coat of Spray Nine and watched it get to work instantly.  The mud and muck ran from the tires like it was on a race to the ground.

A quick wipe around the rubber with a paper towel restored an AMAZING level of pure, clean black-rubber to these pretty old and deeply disgusting tires.spray-nine-before-and-after-2

This exercise was mostly focused on the tires versus the inner wheels as well, but the cleaner demonstrated its intense power on both surfaces.

As these before/after pictures show, Spray Nine simply worked where other cleaners flopped.


You bet your rump we were!

The sheen on the GX460’s tires made them look like brand new rubber.  It was so freaky that we chatted up the lot manager at our local car dealer to share what we were up to.

I casually tell him, “I’m writing a blog post about this heavy-duty cleaner called Spray Nine….”

He cuts me off, “WHAT!?  No way!?  You know that all the technicians (auto mechanics) swarm around the bulk case of Spray Nine when the shipments arrive!”

He continued, “Yeah, they would all keep it right in their toolboxes as a last-resort for cleaning their tools, cleaning engine bays and generally de-greasing anything.”

This extended to the shop surfaces, their workbays, lifts and even uniforms.

I was shocked.  Having never heard of this product, I was hugely impressed that it has a built-in cult following in the car business.  Both the shiny part in the sales floor/showrooms of dealerships – as well as the grimier and dirtier part of the ‘grease monkey’ service areas in back.

Hugely impressed.

Spray Nine Heavy Duty Cleaner is worth seeking out.  It is sold online, of course, but also at Home Depot, Lowes and most hardware stores.

We could not locate it at our nearest Autozone, but it is carried at NAPA Auto Parts.

The results as shown in these photos really speak for themselves.  We even used paper towels to wipe away the grime.  This is not recommended, usually, because it will leave paper bits on the tires.  Cloth is generally best.

Even done in a fairly slap-dash fashion with paper towels, Spray Nine Heavy Duty Cleaner delivers on its HD, ultra-strong promise.

Take the Spray Nine Challenge.

See what Spray Nine Heavy Duty can do for you.   

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