GLOHH Launches New Sleek LED Taillamp for Range Rover Sport

rrs gif glohhLike it or not, the LED light signatures of a car can instantly date it a few years after its release. Just think of how familiar we all are with the glowing dots that lining global highways over the last decade.

Range Rover and the first-gen Range Rover Sport are especially time-stamped by their clear-element lighting from the factory.

Here is a great way to have OEM-plus quality in a set of replacement taillamps from GLOHH. The solid lines of LED light are a fresh and original — and far more current — rear aspect and light signature for the Range Rover Sport.

Check out the lighting demo with its all-LED backup lamps, turn signals and rear fogs below versus the factory 2007-2013 RRS and its clear/round lights from the factory.GLOHH RRS LED taillamp 13

Installation is pretty simple for anyone who has changed a bulb and plugged in a new lamp before and is a 15-min process. Pricing for the GLOHH lights is not cheap – at about $900 — but the results take years of the Range Rover Sport’s appearance.

 GLOHH LED Taillamp for Range Rover Sport

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England, UK – There are exciting times afoot at British automotive lighting specialists Glohh.

Fresh from the success of their launch product, the GL-3 taillight, which allows owners of the Mk1 Range Rover Sport (2005-2013) models to upgrade and modernise their standard specification taillights with their stylish own take, Glohh have seen a meteoric rise over the past six months. Launching the GL-3 in January 2014, and with particularly successful market penetration in the lucrative Middle Eastern, Russian, North American and Eastern European markets, Glohh have seen double digit sales growth month on month since launch.

All this may be considered quite surprising, given the global economic climate, and the luxury, niche nature of the product. So, why has it been so well received? There are many myths which exist about car customisation – the primary one being that it is only practised by “Fast & Furious” style young racers. Accountant Mahmoud Aziz, 28 of Abu Dhabi, UAE, said on the subject of car customisation: “I love putting my own stamp on my car. Personalising and customising my vehicle allows me to express my individuality and gives me confidence.” Switzerland-based Glohh customer and Web Programmer, Erik Alexandre, 43, says: “Prior to purchasing the Glohh lights, there were very few custom lights available for me to upgrade to. Most people would opt for the 2010 facelift rear lights available from Land Rover, but for me they were too basic. When I saw the Glohh lights, I knew they were something worth paying that little bit more for, as it would transform my vehicle.” Perhaps surprisingly, Glohh’s eclectic customer mix includes members of the Saudi royal family, dignitaries from the UAE and US military personal, as well as the more traditional members of car customisation sub-culture.GLOHH RRS LED taillamp 45 GLOHH RRS LED taillamp 44 GLOHH RRS LED taillamp 43 GLOHH RRS LED taillamp 42 GLOHH RRS LED taillamp 41 GLOHH RRS LED taillamp 38 GLOHH RRS LED taillamp 37 GLOHH RRS LED taillamp 36 GLOHH RRS LED taillamp 29 GLOHH RRS LED taillamp 32 GLOHH RRS LED taillamp 33 GLOHH RRS LED taillamp 34 GLOHH RRS LED taillamp 19-tile 2014-11-18_104836 2014-11-18_104820 2014-11-18_104824 2014-11-18_104827 2014-11-18_104830 2014-11-18_104833 Glohh 11 Glohh 10 Glohh 9 Glohh 8 Glohh 7 Glohh 1 Glohh 2 Glohh 3 Glohh 4 Glohh 5 Glohh 6

It seems that Glohh have certainly played their part in bringing vehicle personalisation to a diverse and wide ranging market.

Brandon Smalley, a spokesman for Glohh, stated: “Our research indicated to us early on that Range Rover Sport owners want to dress up their vehicles – in the same way they would purchase an Armani suit or Rolex watch to express their individual style.” With their brand awareness rising, a look at Glohh’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media sites indicate trending customer activity after installing the GL-3 taillight include competitively sharing photos of their modified Range Rover Sport, with many adorning comments left by Range Rover Sport and Glohh fans alike, worldwide. These photos, sent in to Glohh by customers shortly after installation from as far wide as Russia, UAE, the US and South Africa show that the desire to express and share the new look of their vehicle with others. Mr Smalley went on to say: “This desire to be unique and to stand out from the crowd is an increasingly upward trend; they want stylish accessories, that echo their personality and individuality.”

A survey of customer feedback has indicated that 84% of customers purchase the product because of its ultramodern eye catching design and 52% the way it transforms the look of the vehicle. Despite its environmentally friendly credentials, this was not seen as a compelling reason for purchase, with only 6% citing this was their main reason for purchasing the taillight.

After a successful first year, what does the future hold for Glohh? Director and Lead Designer Dr. Faheem Rafiq, says: “The success of the GL-3 for the Range Rover Sport has allowed us to bring our plans forward. Innovation is in our DNA, and we have been working very hard behind the scenes on a number of exciting projects, including an enhanced GL-3 in 2015, featuring a dynamic indicator, a limited edition ‘Black’ Series of tinted lights and a top-secret, brand new, creation for the Range Rover Evoque.” By the sounds of it, Glohh are certainly doing their best to become the global leaders of the aftermarket automotive lighting marketplace.

The GL-3 taillight is now available for purchase whilst stocks last. Worldwide delivery available. For more information, or to buy the GL-3, please visit the Glohh website (

Glohh are currently looking for national and international distributors and resellers to partner with. To apply or enquire, please visit

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