Digital Renderings – 2017 Mitsubishi MiEVO – Doubles Power, Adds Grip and New Widebody Stance

MiEVO2We know that the i-MiEV powertrain from Mitsubishi is fully modular. The units can simply be stacked or added to a new drive axle for a precise doubling or tripling of the power. This knowledge comes from the MiEV Evolution III Pikes Peak racer, which juices up to an impressive 600-horsepower via AWD.600HP-MiEV-Evolution-III-Mitsubishi-Zaps-Pikes-Peak-Clouds-with-9-min-8.188-sec-One-Two-Finish-2

How would this huge dose of new speed fare on the $16k i-MiEV from Mitsu -- the cheapest-ever electric car ever sold in the US?

It would easily overwhelm the 15-inch wheels and pizza-cutter tires as stock. So a giant rubber upgrade to 18-inches and double the cross-section width is step one.

 Digital Renderings - 2017 Mitsubishi MiEVO 3

Animated Rendering StagesMiEVO

Step two: tinting all the glass


Step three: extend the bumper into a deeper front air-dam, widen the fenders and flare the side sills.

Step four: swap the halogen lights for pure-white HID bulbs, and dark-tint the amber front signals

Digital Renderings - 2017 Mitsubishi MiEVO

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