Cadillac Confirms Smaller Optiq EV SUV, Will Flesh Out EV Lineup For The Brand

Cadillac is embarking on its most ambitious model expansion yet with the brand going all in on electric vehicles. The Lyriq, Celestiq, and Escalade IQ all help Cadillac fill specific niches in the broader EV segment. However, a noticeable void in the brand’s roadmap existed in smaller entry-level models with the Lyriq currently serving as the gateway model. But that will soon change, with Cadillac releasing new details on the 2025 Cadillac Optiq.


Cadillac Optiq Sharpens The Optics on EV Mission

While it can be easy to dismiss the Optiq name as free material for witty puns, there’s nothing to scoff at when it comes to where the Optiq will be positioned in the lineup. As mentioned earlier, the 2025 Optiq will be the entry-level model in Caddy’s EV utility vehicle roster and will adopt styling cues that we have already seen on the Celestiq and the Lyriq. That includes the sleek waterfall-style front grille panel as well as the split taillights (they are growing on us after long-term exposure.)

Unfortunately, Cadillac only released two teaser images and didn’t dive too deep into the broader details, with the company only revealing that more details are going to be released next year. However, the Optiq’s impending release in China does help shed some light on what we could get here in the U.S. The Optiq like other GM EV offerings will use the company’s Ultium platform and will be sold there in two front-wheel drive configurations with the base setup making 201 hp while the beefier setup makes 241 hp. This could change when it makes its trek to the U.S. and that could include an all-wheel drive version since AWD is a potent selling point for many buyers here in this country.

Cadillac also didn’t reveal any information on the interior, but look for the cabin to also share many details with its other EV models albeit with some minor concessions to help it stay within its price point. Cadillac has been undertaking a renewed effort at enhancing interior luxury for buyers so look for the Optiq to perhaps pick up on some of the lessons learned from its bigger and pricier stablemates and apply them to key areas, especially in infotainment and lighting technology.


When Can I Buy One?

If an Optiq sounds like a great fit for your garage, be prepared to endure a long wait to get the keys. As mentioned, Cadillac is not releasing additional details until next year, and the entry-level model could appear well after that. This would fit with established GM tradition in this regard since the most expensive trims tend to appear first with the mainstream models making their way to showrooms later.

That said, if you’re patient and are willing to play the long game, the Optiq could be worth the wait and we look forward to seeing how the Optiq does in its attempt to help Cadillac grab a slice of the entry-level luxury EV CUV segment. The pool of entries is evolving and it will be interesting to see how the CUV stands out from the rest of the pack.



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