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Insider: Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves Their Car

Giving gifts is a difficult thing to do. Whether it is Christmas or a birthday, it can often be tough to know exactly what to get for someone in your life. But, if you have someone around you that loves their vehicle, then this is a great place to start. Obviously, you’re not going to buy them a new vehicle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them a present related to what they have already got. Keep reading down below if you would like to find out more.   Accessories For Their Vehicle One of the things that you …

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LightFox 20″ LED Light Bar and 4″ Pods Review

LightFox LED Light Bars Vic Offroad sent us a few LightFox LED light bars to test. The items they sent are the LightFox Rigel Series 20 Inch LED light bar with a combo beam and the LightFox 4 Inch LED light bar 2 Pack. We tested them in comparison to the factory headlights on an upcoming project vehicle and found them to be significantly brighter. Even the little 4″ pods put out more light than the headlights. Overall we found them to be very bright and well built. There are many budget LED lights on the market, but we are …

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4WD King D6-10 Lightbar Test

4WD King 10″ LED Light Bar 4WD king reached out and asked if we would test one of their D6-10 LED lightbars, of course we were happy to oblige. As a manufacturer, 4WD King makes a variety of budget LED lighting systems. Despite being on a budget they still have IP68 and IP69k ratings for resistance to water and dust intrusion. The IP68 rating means that it must be dust tight during a test that lasts up to 8 hours and water tight to at least 1 meter for continuous water submersion. The IP69k rating means that it can withstand …

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San Hima Bike Rack: The Easy Way

San Hima Hitch Mounted Bike Rack San Hima makes a variety of cargo solutions, and one of those is a hitch mounted bike rack. With so many options on the market at varying prices, how does the San Hima bike rack stack up to the competition? What sets it apart from the others? Is it worth the price? Full Disclosure: sent us a San Hima hitch mounted bike rack free of charge for our review Installing the San Hima Bike Rack When we opened the box, we were pleasantly surprised to find that no assembly was required. We removed …

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BougeRV 30-quart Fridge/Freezer Review

BougeRV 30-Quart Fridge/Freezer BougeRV reached out to us asking if we wanted to review a portable refrigerator. Of course we obliged, and they sent us a 30-quart single zone fridge/freezer. At 30-quarts, this fridge/freezer sits on the small end of the portable fridge/freezer selection. A cooler with roughly the same external dimensions would have closer to 40-quarts capacity. However with the 12-volt fridge there is no need for space consuming ice to keep it cool, and it can be set at a desired temperature rather than whatever temperature the ice/dry ice keeps a cooler at. Items included in the BougeRV …

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Truck Claws Review and Giveaway

What are Truck Claws? Truck claws are a traction device that is strapped onto the tires of a vehicle that is stuck in sand, snow, or mud to help free it. How do they work? Truck Claws use a heavy-duty ratchet strap to attach a carefully designed extruded aluminum block to the tire. This system frees stuck vehicles by both lifting the vehicle and biting into the terrain. The lifting action frees the tire from the suction of mud while the biting edge of the block grips ice and the large flat face provides for traction against snow, sand, and …

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Chains, Straps, or Ropes? Best Recovery Tool by Matt Barnes

Chains, Straps, or Ropes? Best Recovery Tool We’ve all been there or come across someone who has. Whether off playing in the sand or mud, or driving down an icy highway and sliding into a ditch, most of us have seen, or been in, a vehicle that needs recovered. We tested a variety of recovery tools for towing to see which one is best for any given situation. What should you store in your recovery vehicle? Chain Decades ago, chains were the main method used to tow a disabled or stuck vehicle. They are widely available and can serve many …

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Car Care Product Review – Audew MultiPurpose 1000 Amp Jump Starter:

When it comes to versatility, few can beat the sheer adaptability that comes from the legendary Swiss army knife. With a diverse range of tools and hidden uses at its disposal, this small tool has rapidly become a must have item for any citizen. The folks at Audew aim to do the same thing when it comes to automotive care products with their lineup of multi-function jump starters. But can this jack of all trades indeed excel with not only being a valuable automotive tool, but also be friendly with mobile devices? We were eager to find out.   Bulky …

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Car Care Product Review – Audew 150 PSI Portable Digital Tire Inflator – By Carl Malek

Lets face it, getting a flat tire can really put a damper on your day, especially if you happen to be far away from help. While a handful of current automotive models still come with compact spare tires, an increasing number of them are ditching the traditional spare tire in lieu of portable kits or nothing at all. This latter trait has really allowed portable tire compressors to come into their own, and the market in these devices has grown over the past few years. But choosing the right one for your vehicle can be tough, so when the folks …

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