Cadillac Unveils 2025 Escalade IQ, All-Electric SUV Ratchets Up Caddy’s All-Electric Future With Luxury

The Cadillac Escalade has long been considered an icon in the full-size luxury SUV ranks, with the SUV being a favorite of celebrities, family luxury buyers, and more. While the bulk of this is due to its styling and impressive amounts of luxury, the V8 powertrains that once dominated the engine bay (the current generation introduced a 3.0-liter diesel inline-six) also helped cement this reputation further. Cadillac has stated in the past that it intends to be an all-electric brand moving forward, and the 2024 Cadillac Escalade IQ will be the latest model to embrace GM’s Ultium EV technology.

Escalade Presence Infused With Futuristic Styling

The exterior styling of the 2024 Cadillac Escalade IQ retains some of the core characteristics that define its ICE counterpart, but Cadillac claims that the Ultium platform allowed designers to take a blank-slate approach to the EV with the exterior styling adopting a sportier appearance. The long flowing hood leads the eye to the sloping roofline in the rear, which sheds some of the blockier elements in past Escalades for a more aerodynamically efficient look. 

Cadillac also claims that proportions played a prominent role in the Escalade IQ’s design process, and that’s evident with how the wheels are pushed to all four corners of the SUV. The large chrome panel and LED light blades also play a part in achieving this proverbial balance with the elaborate lighting sequence following the path blazed by the Lyriq and the ultra-luxury Celestiq. The taillights are still vertically mounted but have evolved from the ICE models and flow into the bodywork better. The Escalade IQ will also get massive 24-inch wheels, and the two trims available (luxury and Sport) will also continue to differentiate themselves in appearance, with the Luxury variant getting bright metalwork and trim while Sport models swap those items out for darkened accents.

EV Interior Balances Escalade Flair With Sensible Proportions

The interior of the Escalade IQ is where the EV makes its biggest impression among buyers. The Ultium battery platform allowed Cadillac to create a flat floor, which helped make the all-new Executive Seat package stand out. This package is very similar to what we have seen from British ultra-luxury SUVs, and here in the IQ, it largely follows the same script, with the second-row bench seat being replaced with two heated and ventilated captain’s chairs that also come with bundled massage capability and headrest-mounted speakers. In addition to the fancy thrones, rear passengers also get matching 12.6-inch personal touchscreens, a smaller rear command screen, a 40-speaker AKG Reference Premium audio system, dual wireless phone charging pads, and even foldable tray tables. Cadillac will also offer several different interior themes for customers and a state-of-the-art ambient lighting system.

Meanwhile, front-seat passengers get a first-class view of the massive 55-inch diagonal LED display. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Cockpit platform powers this massive screen, and the unit itself is similar to the screen seen in the Celestiq hyper-luxury sedan. The Escalade’s unique dimensions, though, forced Cadillac to get creative with speaker placement, with the edges of the screen being bordered by speakers to help preserve visual balance. The fore-mentioned Snapdragon software also comes bundled with Smart Controls, including a digital universal remote for garages, a 5G modem, and other features. The infotainment system gets Google Built-in technology that bundles Google Assistant, Google Play, and Google Apps into one easy-to-use interface. A massive panoramic glass panel gives occupants an enviable view of the sky, but while it does not open in any way, Cadillac claims that the screen does come with built-in UV tinting and an available accessory shade to help keep the sun out. The wood accents benefit from laser etched patterns which is a nice touch in a vehicle like this.  


Ultium Motivation But With A Cadillac Twist

Performance for the 2024 Cadillac Escalade IQ comes from a 24-module battery pack and two electric motors that help the Escalade IQ get standard all-wheel drive. The brand didn’t reveal full performance numbers but did confirm that when buyers activate Velocity Max mode – Cadillac’s spin on similar modes in the Hummer (WTF) and Silverado RST (WOW) – the powertrain produces a combined system output of 750 horsepower and 785 lb-ft of torque. It also allows the Escalade IQ to make the sprint to 60 mph in under five seconds. While this is certainly impressive performance, Cadillac also made sure that the Escalade can tow heavy loads, with the SUV being able to handle up to 8,000 lbs. The 2024 Escalade IQ also gets four-wheel steering and its version of Crab Walk. However, in Cadillac tradition, this mode pitches the crustacean-inspired moniker and is renamed Cadillac Arrival Mode instead. Admittedly, we think Cadillac phoned it in on that one, but Arrival functions the same as its Hummer counterpart, with the mode allowing the Escalade to navigate tight corners and some parking situations.

The Ultium battery pack that underpins the Escalade has up to 200 kWh of available energy and benefits from a flexible 800-volt DC fast charging platform that allows the Escalade to get 100 miles of range in 10 minutes when hooked up to a fast charger. In addition to its on-road capabilities, the Escalade IQ will also be the latest GM EV offering to come equipped with Vehicle-To-Home technology which can allow the SUV to power various home appliances in the event of a blackout, and a separate Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) feature that lets owners power other external devices and accessories. The range will also be a prominent part of the driving experience, with Cadillac claiming that the IQ can go 450 miles between charges. The Escalade IQ will not get the Celestiq’s Ultra Cruise system; instead, it will get the latest iteration of Super Cruise, including built-in lane change capability.     


When Can I Buy One?

Cadillac confirmed that the 2024 Escalade IQ will begin production later this summer at Factory Zero in Hamtramck, Michigan. Pricing will begin at $130,000, including the destination fee, and is also a sizeable premium over the ICE model, starting at $80,795. Cadillac reps we spoke with confirmed that the IQ and the traditional Escalade will be sold alongside each other to help facilitate a smooth transition before Cadillac goes all-electric in the 2030s.     


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