Cadillac and Neiman Marcus Team Up To Create One Of A Kind Celestiq Christmas Gift

The annual Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog is usually jam-packed with exotic premium things. Clothes, jewelry and more can be found in its celebrated pages. Occasionally, an offer or two is included that are meant for special buyers that want to make a splash in their Christmas shopping and don’t mind throwing around some cash to do it too. Cadillac is stealing the spotlight in this regard with a special catalog offer that stars the Celestiq EV hyper luxury sedan.


Want A Cadillac Celestiq Under The Christmas Tree?

This Celestiq-themed offer is the latest entry in Neiman Marcus’s Fantasy Gift guide of the catalog with the space usually offering extravagant and elaborate gift experiences for buyers. In this case, Cadillac not only provides the buyer a Celestiq, but also a two-day trip to Detroit to give the buyer and their guest a behind the scenes tour of the brand as well as the city itself for a unique look at what makes the town shine. The buyer and the guest will stay at a boutique hotel in the area and all of this can be yours for one easy payment of $975,000. Cadillac says that $25,000 of the asking price will be converted into a donation for the Detroit Opera House.

But that’s only the figurative tip of the iceberg with the brand also giving the buyer the chance to see their Celestiq being built at the Warren Tech Center as well as share their thoughts with Cadillac designers. A tour of the Cadillac house and an unnamed Detroit landmark are also included and the multi-course dinner afterward will be prepared by a “renowned Detroit Chef.” Cadillac’s appearance in the catalog is another example of the marketing that the company has created for the Celestiq with the catalog allowing the brand to reach more buyers especially those that might be considering the addition of a Celestiq to their fleet.


Celestiq Fine Tunes The Final Details Before Making Showroom Debut

The production Cadillac Celestiq made its debut a year ago but Cadillac has been busy tweaking the final details before the car formally begins making the trek to showrooms. The hyper luxury sedan will be powered by two electric motors that make a combined system output of 600 horsepower with the four-door making the sprint to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds.

The Celestiq will have a limited production run with each one starting at $340,000. Sign the dotted line and you’ll be rewarded with an interior that’s perhaps the most luxurious we have ever seen in a Cadillac model. A massive 55-inch display incorporates two screens under a single pane of glass with the screen being the biggest that the company has ever produced. Material quality has also been taken up a notch with the Celestiq’s leather, metal and wood accents all doing there best to be on par with rivals like Rolls Royce and Bentley. Screens also form the backbone of the passenger experience for rear occupants with the seatbacks featuring dual 12.6-inch screens and a smaller 8.0-inch one in the center of the cabin to control select features.


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