Cadillac Teases Track Themed CT4-V Blackwing Track Editon, Will Make Debut In July

Cadillac’s success in the IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Championship series has elevated the brand’s racing reputation and to help celebrate, it appears that Cadillac will be unveiling a special track-focused version of the CT4-V Blackwing but what will the Track Edition bring to the table when it debuts in July?


Track-Focused CT4-V Blackwing Styling Raises Eyebrows

On the surface, it would appear that this model will be mainly a styling exercise designed to try and bring customers closer to the track-oriented atmosphere that the Blackwing is promoting. Cadillac’s teaser video on Instagram bounces around between several different cars, but we get to see the front splitter which is now an exposed carbon fiver piece with an IMSA badge in the corner. the side sills and a good slice of the hood have stripes and it appears that red mirror caps are also a part of the package. 

Cadillac also pays a small nod to the Sebring raceway (a course where Cadillac’s DPi cars have had impressive amounts of success in recent years) with a small outline of the track in one of the rear windows. This kind of design commitment is impressive but it does little to answer some of the broader questions we have about the full scope of the design changes here and whether more are hiding beneath the surface.


What Mechanical Changes Are Coming?

The design side of this model is firmly in the spotlight, but there are still some questions that we have about the mechanical side of the coin and how performance will be enhanced. On the surface, it seems that it’ll be business as usual with the video not indicating any major changes to the engine, brakes, and transmission. 

There is a good chance though that the suspension could be upgraded for the Track Edition with firmer springs and a revised suspension geometry potentially being part of the package. A small diet could also be in the works since less weight is also key to making good track times when pushing the car to its limits at the local track day. Other than that, look for Cadillac to take a mostly hands-off approach to the rest of the performance hardware with the Track Edition being powered by the familiar 3.6 liter twin-turbocharged V6 and the 472 hp mill being mated to either a six-speed manual or an optional 10-speed automatic. 


The 2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing Track Edition will make its official debut in July and hopefully, we will learn more information about some of the lingering questions that we have, including the final pricing as well as the full picture of the kind of equipment that the Track Edition will offer to make itself stand out from other Blackwings. Don;t be surprised if a CT5-V Blackwing Track Edition appears too to not only unify the package, but also push the envelope of what that V8-powered monster can do out on the track.  



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