Honda Teases Civic Si Again, Confirms Speedy Honda Will Make Its Debut Tommorow

The current generation Honda Civic is shaping up to be the one where performance and maturity have finally managed to coexist in one sleek package. The reworked sedan and hatchback delivered a Civic that was more polished than its crudely penned predecessor and it even promised to add some spice back into its step. Honda confirmed that it will be debuting the new Civic Si tomorrow, but it has decided to release one final teaser image before we see the sprightly Honda in all of its glory.


Orange Paint And Darkened Taillights Signal Return To Form

This latest teaser image doesn’t show very much and it only revealed a slice of the rear end. But even this heavily cropped picture’s debut on Honda’s social media channels still provides some clues to what we could see in the Si. Besides the trademark badge, the car featured also has darkened taillamps, a rear wing, and even tweaked exhaust tips that look slightly bigger than what we have seen in the past. The Si sedan will also be the only Civic to get the Si makeover. The coupe version got axed a short while ago and the company revealed that the hatchback will not be getting the Si treatment for the foreseeable future.

Honda has not released performance specs for the revamped Si as of yet, but like other Si models of yesteryear look for the engine to be lightly spiced up with the 1.5 liter turbocharged four cylinder perhaps making just over 200 hp though Honda engineers will also have to show some restraint especially with the new Type R waiting in the wings to make its debut. It will also be interesting to see if the Si will have an automatic transmission? Past Si models have been manual only, but with the next wave of young enthusiasts not being able to drive a stick (a shame…) it will be very interesting to see if Honda will have to resort to having a shift it yourself option alongside the manual variant to help net more buyers.


When Can I Buy A 2022 Honda Civic Si?

Honda has so far not released final distribution data (besides the reveal date) but look for the Si to join the Civic family sometime in 2022 with pricing, fuel economy, and other essential information being released closer to its arrival in dealer inventories. The Si has always had a solid reputation for being a very affordable performance car during the bulk of its career and we suspect that this will continue to be the case despite the challenges that COVID-19 pandemic has brought to supply and the economy.

Want something a bit spicier? Honda will also be unleashing the next generation Type R model, but that model will not make its formal appearance until 2023 but the wait will certainly be worth it. Meanwhile, Acura is bringing back the Integra and look for that model to create a one-two punch in sales when it’s allowed to co-exist side by side with the Civic.

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