2023 Honda Accord Teased, New Styling And A Reworked Interior Are In The Pipe For Family Sedan

The Honda Accord is still one of the Japanese auto giant’s strongest sellers, and the current generation model has received rave reviews for its interior as well as the potent 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder lurking under the hood. However, its Acura-esque lines make it blend into traffic a bit too well, but Honda appears to have a solution to that first-world problem, with the first teaser images of the 2023 Accord pointing to a much more potent package that’s in the works.


Accord Takes Civic Inspiration And Adds Its Own DNA To It

Honda claims that the 2023 Accord will “bring excitement back to the mid-size sedan segment,” and while we will have to wait a bit to see if Honda’s claims do hold water, the trio of teaser images Honda released does appear to at least have some merit. The front fascia is more angular than before and has a reworked front grille that has a more defined mesh pattern as well as a reworked front bumper. The sleek running lights are mounted above the headlights, and the new Accord’s rear now features a unified rear lightbar with the Honda “H” logo prominently in the center of the piece.

The last image showcases some of the interior with the dashboard featuring a large rectangular-shaped infotainment screen. This particular screen has made the rounds in some of Honda’s other products, but here in the Accord, it appears that Honda engineers are attempting to put more functions in the screen itself, with the only physical button being a large knob which we assume is for the volume.

The big mystery here is what engines will power the new Accord. If you take Honda’s claims at face value, chances are good that we could see the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder make its return for 2023, albeit with some possible tweaks to extract more horsepower and torque out of it. We could also see the base engine get carried over too, as well as a new hybrid model to help the Accord get a few extra miles per gallon.


When Will We See It?

Honda claims that the 2023 Accord will make its formal debut in November, and it’s safe to assume at that point that we will get the big picture of what exactly Honda is up to with this generation of Accord. The sales tsunami generated by utilities and pickups has largely swept traditional sedans out of the market. For those that still remain, automakers are trying to use style and design to help them stand out on the showroom floor. The accord is no different, and it would seem that the exterior styling of this particular example (a Sport model possibly) is doing its best to try and generate a few extra glimpses from potential buyers.







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