2023 Honda Accord Brings New Style, Technology, and Green Tech To Iconic Sedan

Updating an iconic vehicle like the Honda Accord is a task that many folks would be glad to not undertake. The challenge of updating an icon without altering the fundamental DNA that makes it a sales success is a formidable task for any design team. But Honda thinks it has the right formula in place for the 2023 Honda Accord which brings more technology, style, and better hybrid technology to the long-running four door.


Accord Styling Comes With Higher Civic Content

Honda designers gave the Accord new styling for 2023 with the front fascia featuring new headlights and a reworked front grille that’s smaller and sportier looking than before. The lower front bumper is perhaps the lone thing about the design that we don’t like, it looks too plain and clashes with the upper half of the design.

The rear of the Accord steals a few pages from recent Volkswagen models but comes with new taillights that are more aggressive looking than before with a centrally mounted lightbar unifying the two pieces. Honda also chose to limit the amount of decoration on the Accord with the rear mounted H logo blending into the lightbar instead of boldly standing out. Sport models get black contrast trim to add more pop to their look, but other models go for a more subdued look. While the Accord does lose some edge to the current generation Camry, the revamped look still makes the Accord appear more youthful and that Civic infused DNA should please younger buyers.


Technology Filled Interior Adds Vigor

Slip inside the Accord and the Civic influence continues to bleed through with the Accord embracing the same coast-to-coast metal mesh air vents that we have seen in the Civic and a few other models. Higher trims get a massive 12.3 inch touchscreen infotainment system which is the largest screen Honda has ever offered in a production model. Lesser models get a smaller 7-inch screen but all trims get a standard 10.2 inch digital drivers display.

The 2023 Accord also comes with knee and rear-passenger airbags and Honda claims that the interior benefits from higher amounts of head and leg room for front passengers. Touring models get what Honda calls Google built-in which infuses the infotainment system with several Google Apps with all of them being controlled through Google Assistant.


Accord Engine Lineup Puts More Emphasis On Fuel Economy

The biggest changes though are found under the hood but before we get into what Honda added, we might as well focus on what was removed for 2023, with Honda confirming that the 2.0 liter 252 hp turbocharged four-cylinder has been axed. This engine made the Accord an interesting sleeper car, and it’s removal will undoubtedly make us miss it (us included). Meanwhile, the Accord Hybrid’s engine has been detuned slightly and now makes 204 hp versus the outgoing model’s 212 hp. The core setup still features a 2.0 liter four cylinder and the accompanying electric motor but it’s a 4th generation setup and the engine is brand new.

But the decrease in power does come with a desirable tradeoff in torque with the 2023 model making 247 lb-ft of torque which is a slight bump up from the old engine’s 232 lb-ft of torque. Honda expects half of overall sales to be the Hybrid with the rest of the sales load being fielded by Accord models equipped with the 192 hp 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. A CVT is the sole transmission for all Accord models and a retuned suspension allows the Accord to have better handling manners when it is pushed hard.


When Can I Buy One?

When the 2023 Honda Accord makes its way to dealerships, six different trim levels will be offered with the LX and the EX being the only two trims that will have a non-hybrid layout. The remaining trims (Sport, EX-L, Sport-L and Touring) will all be equipped with the hybrid engine. Pricing will be revealed closer to the Accord’s launch and we expect the pricing as a whole to see minor changes when compared to the 2022 model.

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